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NFL Fan “Strike” Update: 7 Days and Counting!!

The NFL Fan Strike begins in 7 days!!!  We would like to thank everyone that has responded so positively to our initial Fan Strike Post. We received more positive feedback from fans than we thought possible.  We would like to thank the Sun Sentinel’s Mike Berardino and Matty from the Dolphins blog, for supporting our Strike.  2 great Dolphins media personnel, making an attempt to help spread the word.  Now we need fans and media from every other NFL team to do the same.  So NY Giants fans, San Francisco Giants fans, Miami Dolphins fans, Pittsburgh Steelers fans, Dallas Cowboy fans, Philadelphia Eagles fans, New England Patriots fans, EVERYONE, please join in!

Follow us on Twitter

In our last post we were directing followers to our Dolphins twitter account.  However, we have set up a twitter account for the #NFLFanStrike, which we encourage you to follow here.  But now, as we enter crunch time, we must spread the word to ALL NFL Fans.  We have tried contacting everyone from Roger Goodell to Chad Ochocinco, from Trey Wingo to Adam Schefter.  However, none of them have even acknowledged our Fan Stike?  Do you know why?  Because it’s a good idea and the NFL, ESPN, and other media personalities realize that a Fan Strike will hurt their advertising partners.  SO, we know that our Fan Strike is a good idea and we know that it can work.  Fans want to have their voices heard.  We want football.  We want a full offseason of trade rumors and mock drafts.  We want a full regular season, be it 16 or 18 games.  WE WANT FOOTBALL!!

Our “Strike”

For those of you that are wondering what we are talking about an NFL Fan Strike for, read here.  The Fans of the NFL are uniting to strike in the form of a boycott for ALL NFL licensed products.  Whether it’s jerseys, hats, bumper stickers, t shirts, EVERYTHING!  This boycott/strike will help the NFL owners realize that fans CAN control something in this negotiation.  We want our voices heard and we want NFL Football!

We need YOUR help!

First, if you haven’t already, please sign our official petition here.  We will be sending this petition to Mr. Goodell and the NFL owners once the NFLFanStrike begins.  Next, and this is much more important than the petition, we need you to tweet or email your favorite media personalities and players, and encourage them to retweet, or spread the word about the NFL Fan Strike. You can refer them back to our original story by using this link: .

Here is a starting list of people to contact.  Even if you can only send one email to one person, it will help our cause tremendously.  Thank you in advance for all of your help.  Hopefully, our efforts will result in football resuming as soon as possible!!

Colin Cowherd –

Mike and Mike – , Twitter – @MikeandMike

Peter King – Twitter – @SI_PeterKing

Adam Schefter – Twitter – @AdamSchefter

Chris Mortenson – Twitter – @mortreport

Jay Glazer – Twitter – @jay_glazer

Joe and Evan – Twitter – @joeandevan

Trey Wingo - Twitter – @wingoz

Jason LaCanfora – Twitter – @jasonlacanfora

PTI Show – Twitter – @PTIShow

NFL Lockout – Twitter – @NFLLockout

Roger Goodell - Twitter – @nflcommish

Thank you all again very much.  We will have our voices heard and we will do our part to stop the NFL Lockout!  If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below!  Again, if you want to follow the #NFLFanStrike on twitter, click here.

Our Thoughts on the Latest Dolphins News, 1/29

This week has been ‘one of those weeks’ for those of us at  However, we have been keeping an eye on all of the things that have been happening with the Miami Dolphins.  It may be the offseason, but there sure are a lot of things going on with the Dolphins!  In addition to covering the Dolphins and giving you our thoughts we are also trying to spread the word on the NFL Fan Strike.  If you haven’t heard about the Fan Strike yet, check this out. We’ll have an update on the Fan Strike later today.  But for now, let’s dig into what has been going on with the Miami Dolphins.

Ireland Speaks

This week Jeff Ireland has tried to put the craziness that ensued after the season ended, behind him.  He is in Mobile, Alabama, scouting the Senior Bowl, which takes place today.  He’s been watching practice, seeing what prospects might help the Dolphins fill their roster holes.  Since it’s Senior Bowl week, the media has had quite a bit of time to question the Dolphins GM about a myriad of topics.  I found his conversation with Joe Rose, recapped here, the most interesting.  Among the highlights are that the Dolphins are working with Chad Henne.  Entering 2011, he is the only QB on the roster.  Word is that Daboll and Henne have been at the practice facility quite a bit, working on things.  Will Henne have competition for the starting spot?  Only time will tell.

It should be noted that in a normal NFL offseason, the free agency period comes in March, then the Draft in April.  Often times, teams will fill holes with free agency and use the draft for depth, or to fill a hole with a player they are targeting.  This year, with no CBA in place, the Draft will come first and Free Agency afterwards, so it’s a bit of a different strategy.  If no CBA is in place, the Dolphins will only be able to trade draft picks before or during the draft.  So forget about trading any players for draft picks.  Ireland addressed their different plans of action for whether or not the CBA is finalized here.  He does mention that he wants to bring in more speed to the Dolphins roster which lacked it in 2010.

Offensive Coaching Staff Musical Chairs

The Dolphins have made some head scratching moves this week, as they realigned their offensive coaching staff.  Karl Dorrell (old WR coach) is now the QB Coach, replacing David Lee.  Steve Bush (former Quality Control Coach), is now the WR coach.  Ike Hilliard, a form player, is now an assistant to Bush.  Why are the Dolphins, in a season that must show drastic improvement, reshuffling coaches to positions they’ve never held before?  Armando give his thoughts here, which are purely factual.  Judge for yourself, but I don’t exactly get a warm and fuzzy feeling about all of these coaches taking over new roles in a season that is so important for Sparano and Ireland.

Dolphins interested in Kaepernick?

There will be a lot of speculation and smoke screens between now and the April Draft.  There will be A LOT of speculation about the Dolphins drafting a quarterback.  Well it didn’t take very long for the Dolphins to make a headline.  The Dolphins are reportedly interested in Colin Kaepernick, QB from Nevada.  The Herald gives you their thoughts here, along with a highlight video.  I haven’t completed my analysis of the QB’s that will be available for the Dolphins in the draft.  But as Mando says, Colin could be available in the second round (a round the Dolphins don’t hold a pick in).  If the Dolphins can trade down, similarly to what they did last year, is he worth it?  Too soon to tell, but we will have our thoughts on him as the draft approaches.

Dolphins to release Will Allen

It’s been reported just about everywhere, and I’m shocked it has been so widely publicized, but the Dolphins plan to release CB Will Allen.  For the story, check here. It’s no surprise because the Dolphins have drafted 2 starting corners (Smith and Davis) and have a nickel CB in the making (Caroll).  Will Allen is coming off an injury, will cost a lot of money, and is on the backend of his career.  Not major news, but worth passing along to Phin Nation.

It’s good to be back!  Check back later today as we give a full update on the NFL Fan Strike, a movement that is beginning to really take off.  However, we need your help because some of the major media outlets are purposely disregarding it.

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Don’t Count Chad Henne Out?

Most of Phin Nation has seen enough of Chad Henne to form the opinion that he is NOT the future franchise quarterback of the Miami Dolphins.  We’ve talked since Dan Marino retired about how important it is to find the next franchise signal caller.  We hoped that the 2nd round draft pick that landed Chad Henne was the answer.  However, after seeing Henne struggle time after time in the most crucial part of a game, we are right to be pessimistic. After all, Henne is 13-14 as a starter in the NFL.  His quarterback rating was below average in 2010 and he seems to throw an interception at the worst possible time.

So as we approach the Free Agency Period (hopefully) and the NFL Draft for the 2011 season, many think that Henne’s days in Miami are numbered.  However, comments made today by Jeff Ireland may indicate that the Dolphins have not yet given up hope on Chad Henne.  Here are a few quotes, from the Sun Sentinel:

“We certainly hope so,” General Manager Jeff Ireland said after pointing out this regime hasn’t given up on Chad Henne, who is 13-14 in his two seasons as an NFL starter.

“He’s shown some aggressive tendencies, and shown some exciting throws,” Ireland said. “Chad has all the ability in the world. We just have to put a plan together and an offense philosophy that fits Chad Henne and I think we’ll be able to do that.”

So after reading those quotes, are we still sure that Henne will be out as the starting QB in Miami?  Only time will tell.  Maybe this regime thinks that Henne can improve under new offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll.  Maybe another offseason of work with Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and Brian Hartline can help improve the chemistry that was lacking this year.

Our take - We think the Dolphins would be wise to have a backup plan if they think Henne can lead the Dolphins to where this regime needs to go (the playoffs).  Whether that backup plan is having Chad Pennington designated as his backup and drafting a young qb to groom OR bringing in a starting caliber quarterback to compete with Henne.  Among the veteran options that might be available are Vince Young, Donovan McNabb, Kyle Orton, and possibly Carson Palmer.

NFL Fan Strike Update - Yesterday was the kickoff of our proposal for ALL NFL fans to boycott NFL licensed products starting on February 7th.  The response we received to our idea was overwhelming.  We still need all of your help!  Please email, blog, or tweet about the NFL Fan Strike until February 7th.  We need to continue to spread the word.  We encourage you to tweet or email the following link to NFL Writers, Bloggers, etc. to help raise awareness:

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NFL Fans United and Ready to “Strike”

That headline may seem crazy, but please, hear us out.  We are a meager blog set up primarily for fans of the Miami Dolphins.   The Dolphins have been out of the playoff picture for some time, so we’ve had some time to think about 2011.  We’re pleading with all fans of the NFL.  YOU have the power to help avoid a shortened or lost NFL season.  Yes, we’re talking to you, fans of the Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers, New York Jets, Philadelphia Eagles….Fans of EVERY NFL Team.


As fans of the NFL, we have been hearing about the labor negotiations and impending lockout for months.  The billionaire owners  opted out of the Collective Bargaining Agreement that was set to expire after the 2012 season.  It’s now set to expire in the next month or so.  The thought league-wide is that there will be a Lockout of the NFL players and there is a chance there won’t be NFL football in 2011.  For some background, the NFL generated roughly $8.8 BILLION in revenue in 2009.  Even during the recession, average team profits rose 3.5%.  During that same time, players average salaries increased 3.4%.  So if everyone is making money, why can’t both sides just come to an agreement?  It’s truly a case of millionaires (the players) vs. billionaires (owners).  The players would like to keep the status quo, while the owners want to decrease the percentage the players receive.

The league is doing better than it ever has.  Ratings are way up.  In fact, last year’s ‘Big Game’ had the most viewers of all time, just over 104 million.  The NFL is signing agreements with networks, apparel companies, advertisers and anyone that will pay for the privilege of sponsoring an NFL event.  For a list of details on the success of the NFL, please check the NFLPA site here.

What can YOU do?

A lot of you reading this are asking what you could possibly do to effect a ‘non-profit’ that generates $8.8 Billion.  Yes, the NFL is actually a tax exempt, non-profit organization.  The owners make a profit, but the league, technically does not.  We’re here to tell you that there is something that you can do.  The key is that we need to spread the word, and spread it quickly.

Many fan sites, blogs, etc. have suggested boycotting season tickets for next season.  A good idea, only it won’t work.  Why?  Because in places like Pittsburgh, New York, and Philadelphia there are waiting lists for season tickets.  Here’s an example.  Joe has been an Eagles season ticket holder for 20 years.  Joe has been to every Eagles game for the last 20 years and loves his Eagles football Sundays.  Chris is a die hard Eagles fan and is currently on the season ticket holder waiting list of 40,000+ fans.  If Joe decides to protest and not renew his season tickets for 2011, Chris, who’s been dying to get his hands on tickets, will purchase them.  This is a good idea, but it’s just not feasible.

Our Solution

The NFL and it’s owners are billionaires and will still get paid by the networks if there is no season in 2011.  But effecting their revenue is how we, as fans, can get their attention.  So if boycotting season ticket renewals isn’t the answer, what is?  Our suggestion is that fans of all NFL teams go on ‘strike’. Yes, a unified protest of the NFL and their licensed partners.  After the Big Game on February 6th, we suggest that ALL NFL fans immediately boycott all NFL licensed products.  That means no jersey sales, no hat sales, no bumper sticker sales, NOTHING.  The NFL gets a royalty from all sales of their licensed products.  If you don’t think that this would have a big impact, check this out. Nike recently outbid Reebok to become the official apparel maker of the NFL.  Last year, $350 mil of Reebok’s $565 mil in apparel sales came directly from it’s NFL contracts.   So even if the NFL doesn’t care, their business partners will.  We, as fans CAN make a difference.  So please help us get the word out.  If we can do this, on February 7th, NFL licensed items will see a HUGE drop in sales.  And this ‘strike’ will continue until the NFLPA and the Owners can work out a new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  If you would like, we even created an online petition to sign.  On February 7th, we will send the list of names, however many it may be, to the NFL Commissioner to show him that the fans have a voice to.  We want a full NFL offseason and a full NFL season in 2011.

For updates on the Fans Strike and the CBA, please follow us on Twitter @NFL_FanStrike

Dolphins News and Notes, Monday 1/24

It looks like our predictions sure to go wrong yesterday turned out to be correct.  As Dolphins fans, how could we not love watching the Jets get shutout in the first half yesterday?  We loved every minute of it.  But give them credit, they fought back in the second half to make it a close game in the end.  Our congratulations go out to the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers for winning their conference championship games yesterday and advancing to Super Bowl XLV (45).  The Super Bowl will be a matchup of two teams that the Miami Dolphins played tough this year (1-1).  They beat the Packers in Green Bay and were a bad ruling/bad rule away from beating the Steelers in Miami.  Mike Berardino of the Sun Sentinel discusses this and more here. By the way, we love his #5 in the article.  Love it.

Options for Phins QB

Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel concluded his 4 part series on possible quarterbacks for the Dolphins in 2011.  This part of the series focuses on quarterbacks that might be available in the Draft for the Phins.  We’re still examining each quarterback and will have a detailed post for you before the draft.  We will examine which rookie qb would be the best fit for the Dolphins.

Carson Palmer of the Bengals is reportedly asking for a trade out of Cincinnati. This type of veteran QB is what the Dolphins will likely be looking for this offseason, someone to compete with Chad Henne for the starting role.  However, are his best days behind him?

Sorry JT

Like many other members of Phin Nation we took great joy in watching the Jets lose to the Steelers yesterday.  We enjoyed watching Rex Ryan throwing his headset at the end of the game.  But, as Brian Miller explains, it’s hard to not feel bad for Jason Taylor.  We watched JT’s postgame press conference after the Jets loss last night.  He wore his emotions on his sleeve.  After all, the Jets had taken him to a place the Dolphins could not..the AFC Championship Game.  Was yesterday the last game we will see Jason Taylor play?  Too soon to tell.  But, for a great Miami Dolphin, we wish him the best (note to JT: don’t sign with a hated rival next time!).  As we have said before, we still love JT, although it hurts like crazy that he played with the enemy this year.  When he decides to retire, we think he should sign an honorary 1 day contract to retire as a Miami Dolphin.

New Tight End Coach

Dan Campbell has been named the Dolphins new Tight Ends Coach, a promotion from offensive intern in 2010.  This leaves only 1 major offensive assistant still to be named, QB Coach.

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Thoughts on Championship Sunday, Dolphins edition

After weeks of training camp, 4 preseason games, 17 weeks of football, 2 rounds of playoffs, we are now ready to see which two teams will head to Super Bowl XLV.  That’s Super Bowl 45 for those of us without a degree in Roman Numerals.  By the way, why does the Super Bowl number have to be in Roman numerals?  Haven’t we advanced far enough as a society to just say, Superbowl 45?  Sorry for the digression.  As Dolphins fans, we are left to watch the playoffs yet again without our team in it.

Today there will be 4 teams playing and coincidentally, the Miami Dolphins played each of the 4 teams.  The Dolphins went 2-3 against the Championship Sunday competitors.  The Miami Dolphins beat the Jets in New York and the Packers in Green Bay.  They lost a heart breaker at home to the Steelers, a close game at home to the Jets, and were shutout by the Bears with Tyler Thigpen at the helm.  To me, this shows that the Dolphins are not THAT  far away from being a serious playoff contender.  They beat 2 of these teams away from South Florida.  All three of their losses were at Sun Life Stadium.  Although, 2 of those games could have been wins if a play or two go the Dolphins way.  So the Dolphins played close or won 4 out of the 5 games against the 4 best teams in the NFL.  Every team’s roster will change before 2011, but with the right changes, the Dolphins can be playing on Championship Sunday in 2012.  Maybe I’ve been reading too much about the 2012 end of days prophecy, because if Chad Henne leads the Miami Dolphins to the AFC Championship, the end is near!

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears

The Packers are the 6th seed and head into Chicago on a roll.  Their quarterback is playing at a high level and their defense is getting better each week.  The Bears beat up the Seahawks last week, jumping out to an early lead and holding on to win by 11.  More times than not these games come down to who has the QB with the hottest hand.  We’ll go with the Packers 27-24.

New York Jets @ Pittsburgh Steelers

This week, the Jets did not seem like the Jets.  There was not foul mouth talking.  No bold predictions.  Are they feeling okay?  Although the Jets have been mostly quiet and respectful, the NY media is treating last week’s win over the Pats like the Super Bowl.  It’s nauseating.  The Jets are playing in their second straight AFC Title game and will take on a Steelers team that they beat in week 15 of the season. Having said all that, it may be with blind faith, but I think the Steelers, in front of their home crowd can pull this off.  We’ll say Steelers 20-16.

Enjoy your football Sunday!!!

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Ireland gets extension, plus other Dolphins news/notes

Before we get to the news and notes from today, let me say that we HATE having to write about Dolphins’ postseason happenings while the Jets are still in the playoffs.  We at hope that they get blown out tomorrow by the Steelers.  By the way, it’s supposed to be 11 degrees tomorrow in Pittsburgh.

GM Jeff Ireland Extended

The Miami Dolphins lost their football czar at the beginning of last year.  The Trifecta is no more.  There are 2 remaining members of the original Trifecta.  So what are we supposed to call Jeff Ireland + Tony Sparano?  How about The Bifecta? The Exacta (for you racing fans)?  The Bicycle? The Desperate Diodes?  Who knows.  All we know is that Sparano and Ireland my now have longer term financial stability, but they need to produce a winning football team or they’ll be looking for a new employer.

So why did Stephen Ross extend both Sparano and Ireland?  Phin Nation is surely wondering that today, especially after the owner seemed so displeased at the end of 2010.  You remember Ross flying across the country to talk to Jim Harbaugh, right?  Well the world saw all of that.  Other GMs, Free Agents, College Players, etc.  After the craziness that ensued in early January, the Dolphins must (at least publicly) show solidarity in their front office.  They must be able to lure free agents to Miami by saying that this regime will be in place, at least until 2012-2013.  Otherwise, why would a player want to come to Miami, when they could be looking for a new job, if this regime is let go?  Most of us expected Ireland to get an extension after Sparano received one.  However, now that Stephen Ross has ‘shown them the money’, they must produce.

Is it April Yet? asks a question that many Dolfans have recently.  We want football.  We want to watch the DOLPHINS play football.  Can’t this winter just move along more quickly so that we can get to the NFL Draft.  Jason describes a few draft choices he’d like to see the Dolphins investigate.  Hopefully by the time the draft rolls around, the new CBA will be agreed on.  Hopefully the billionaires and millionaires that make up the NFL can come to an agreement so that the 2011 season isn’t effected.

Rooting for Jason Taylor? asks the questions “Will you be rooting for Jason Taylor and the Jets to win Sunday and advance to the Super Bowl?”  If you read regularly, you know our thoughts about the Jets.  We despise them.  Having said that, we still like Jason Taylor.  He was a great player for the Dolphins and we hope that he retires as a Dolphin.  You know, one of those one day contracts.  However, as much as we like Jason, he chose to go to the Dolphins rivals.  As a fan of the Miami Dolphins, I cannot bring myself to root for the Jets.  I wish the best for Jason, but I cannot root for his current team to go to the Super Bowl.  I can’t do it.

Opposing Views of Brian Daboll

Mando compares the views of the Bernie Kosar and Heath Evans on the Dolphins new Offensive Coordinator, Brian Daboll.  Kosar thinks Daboll can do good things with the Dolphins offense.  While Evans thinks hiring him was a mistake.  Evans played with the Patriots while Daboll was the recievers coach there.  Evans said that he never viewed Daboll as a guy “who was the brains of the operation”.  Certainly harsh criticism for Daboll.  As Mando says, only time will tell which one is right.

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Dolphins News and Notes for Friday, 1/21

As we inch closer to Championship Sunday, the Miami Dolphins seem to keep making news, and diverting out attention.  Not that we really care.  After all, our only hope is that the Jets get pummeled by the Steelers on Sunday.  Otherwise it’s going to be a long 2 weeks for anyone turning on the television or radio….and an even longer offseason for people that hate the Jets!  Here’s a recap of all of the stories involving the Miami Dolphins:

Denney to the Pro Bowl

Last week we learned that Cameron Wake and Jake Long were selected to the NFL Pro Bowl in Hawaii.  Long will not play in the game due to his injured shoulder.  Yesterday we learned that John Denney, the Dolphins long snapper, will be joining Cameron Wake in Hawaii.  Denney was added to the Pro Bowl roster via coach’s selection.

QB Options for the Phins

Omar Kelly of the Sun Sentinel breaks down the available QB options for the Miami Dolphins for 2011.  This is part 2 of his series and explores QBs that will be available via trade or that will be cut by their current teams.  A big round of applause for Omar, as he wrote the article while battling the flu.  Get well soon Omar!

Dolphins Ticket Prices Won’t Increase in 2011

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post tells us why the Dolphins season ticket holders won’t be paying increased prices for tickets in 2011.  After a pitiful 1-7 home record in 2010, the Dolphins have decided NOT to raise ticket prices.  If they would have raised prices, a mutiny may have occurred.

Jeff Ireland staying is a good thing

Greg Stoda takes a look at the state of the Dolphins and argues that the team will be better off without Bill Parcels around this offseason.  The pressure will focus directly on Jeff Ireland now.  Jeff, are you ready for it?!?!

Miami Dolphins hire 2 new coaches

Earlier today we told you that the Miami Dolphins would not be retaining James Saxon as their running backs coach.  Well, it didn’t take them very long to find his replacement.  The Herald and the Sentinel are reporting that the Dolphins have hired Jeff Nixon as their new running backs coach.  Nixon was previously with the Philadelphia Eagles where he worked with special teams and with the running backs.

Going into 2011, the Dolphins will be trying to re-establish their running game that went awry in 2010.  The Dolphins will likely be missing Ricky Williams and/or Ronnie Brown as both will be free agents this offseason.  Depending on the new CBA, that is hopefully agreed upon before March 4th, the Dolphins will likely only have 2 running backs on the roster (Lex Hilliard and Patrick Cobbs).

The Miami Dolphins have also hired a former UM product, Darren Krein as their strength and conditioning coach.  Krein played at the U in the early 90’s.

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Wes Welker available via trade?

Our Miami Dolphins question of the day may seem a little far fetched.  Alright, VERY far fetched.  However, there are rumors circulating that the New England Patriots could be looking to trade Wes Welker this offseason.  We’ve mentioned his name before on, but @incarceratedbob is usually in on stories before the main stream media. More times than not his sources are correct….and he has them everywhere.   Well, this morning Bob tweeted the following:

**BREAKING NEWS** 2nd Source:Confirms Patriots will definately look 2unload Wes Welker in off-season. Eagles & Chiefs with early interest.

**BREAKING NEWS** Belichick does not want Wes Welker back in 2011 (If the NFL even has a season) sources are confirming he will be

Welker was reportedly benched for the first series of the Patriots/Jets game last week for his snide comments made during his press briefing last Thursday.  He referred to ‘feet’ more than a few times.  While we all found it amusing, Bill Belichick apparently did not.  The truth is, the Patriots have been preparing for Welker’s departure, as they have been grooming Julian Edelman as their punt returner and slot receiver.

So the question comes to mind, would Phin Nation want Wes Welker to come back to the Miami Dolphins?   Yes, the Dolphins have Davone Bess, an emerging receiver in the game.  But, would you consider bringing Welker in if he cost a 3rd round pick?  Or a player and a later round pick?  We won’t offer our opinion on such a  transaction, just wondering what Phin Nation thinks.  Please leave us a comment and let us know.