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Dolphins cut Crowder, sign Kevin Burnett quickly after

Earlier this afternoon the Miami Dolphins made the surprising move of the day by cutting starting ILB, Channing Crowder. Apparently it also came as a shock to Crowder, as h was blindsided by the news.

The Dolphins quickly found a replacement for Crowder, Kevin Burnett. Truth be told, the Burnett deal was probably done before Crowder was released. Burnett’s deal is thought to be a 4 year deal with $10 mil guaranteed. Analysts believe Burnett is an upgrade, as he can provide the big, impact plays that Crowder was criticized for not making in Miami.

I hate to see Channing go, I liked him, but understand his cap number didn’t match his production. He was hilarious and will be missed. However, I love the acquisition of Burnett. Now, can the Dolphins get freaking serious and get a QB! I’m still not so sure that the Orton deal is dead. This team is going to have a top 5 defense and Matt freaking Moore or Chad Henne at QB? I still suspect something is up Mr Ireland’s sleeve!

Of course the official start of Miami Dolphins free agency would start on a day and a weekend that I am nowhere near a computer! Updates this weekend will be simple since I’ll be doing them from my IPhone….But we will be keeping and eye on the Dolphins all weekend!!!

Dolphins agree to terms with rookie RB Daniel Thomas

Today is the first day of practices for the Miami Dolphins as they prepare for the 2011 season.  Entering the day, the Dolphins had signed 3 of their 6 rookie draft picks (Charles Clay, Frank Kearse, and Jimmy Wilson).  The other 3 rookies, Mike Pouncey, Daniel Thomas, and Clyde (don’t call me Edmund) Gates were still working on their deals.  That was until an hour or so ago when, according to numerous reports, the Dolphins agreed to terms with 2nd round RB, Daniel Thomas:

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Thomas must get into camp quickly (practicing tomorrow from what we hear), as it appears he will be the primary running back for the Dolphins in 2011.  The Dolphins could still look go add another running back, even though the team has already acquired Reggie Bush from the Saints.  Speaking of Bush, he was in Davie today, doing walkthroughs of practice in shorts and a t-shirt because he can’t practice with the team until 8/4.

Off Topic Thoughts - I’m still trying to figure out this Matt Moore signing by the Phins.  It’s baffled pretty much everyone in the media, including me. I still believe, as much as they deny it, the Phins are still open to bringing in Kyle Orton.  Moore’s signing could be an insurance policy that also increases the pressure on Denver to lower their asking price…..the saga might continue….

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Miami Dolphins sign Matt Moore to 2 year deal

For the last 3 days we have watched a game of chicken unfold between the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos….Moments ago, the game of chicken may have come to an end.  News has just surfaced that the Dolphins have agreed to a contract with former Carolina Panthers QB, Matt Moore.  According to the report, Moore will receive a 2 year deal worth $5 mil that could increase to $7.5 mil if incentives are reached.

Photo by Greg Keene

Moore had a good 2009 season, in limited work.  He played in 7 games and amassed a 98.5 qb rating (8 TDs, 2 INTs).  In 2010, he played in 6 games, throwing 5 TDs and 10 INTs for a QB rating of 55.6.  Some league experts think that Moore has the ability to one day be a solid starter in the NFL.  Looking at his performance in 2010, it’s hard to think that he’ll be a solid starter for the Dolphins in 2011.  If no other QBs are brought in, Moore will compete with Chad Henne for the starting QB job in Miami (now THAT is a little depressing!)

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QB Options for Dolphins are running out, Orton still a Bronco

While the Miami Dolphins are playing the worlds longest game of chicken with the Denver Broncos over Kyle Orton, other available QB options are being snatched up by other teams.  The Dolphins are holding strong with their offer to the Broncos of a 4th round pick in exchange for Orton, while the Broncos are insistent on receiving a 2nd or 3rd round pick.

The problem is that both sides think that they have the leverage in the negotiation.  The Broncos believe that they have the leverage because the Dolphins want and believe they need Orton for the 2011 season.  The Dolphins, meanwhile, think they have the leverage because Orton’s salary ($8+ mil) is killing the Broncos cap.  There is a deadline for this deal, as the Broncos must be under the $120 mil or so salary cap by next Thursday, August 4th….So we might not have to wait much longer.  The key is that the other QB options once available to the Dolphins, have found new homes.

The Departed

Vince Young - Even though he was not supposed to be in contact with teams until he cleared waivers (Friday at 4pm EST), reports indicate that Young will be signing with the Philadelphia Eagles to backup Michael Vick.  Word on the street is that the Dolphins never had much interest in VY.

Kevin Kolb - The Cardinals paid a kings ransom for the Eagles current backup QB.  They gave away Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie (one of Antonio’s kids??), a 2nd round pick, and $63 million to acquire Kolb.  They’d better hope he’s worth it.  He was WELL out of the Dolphins price range.

Matt Hasselbeck – Reports indicate that he’s set to sign with the Tennessee Titans on Friday to be the stop gap before Jake Locker is ready to play.  The Dolphins are said to have interest in Hasselbeck, but his deal with the Titans materialized very quickly.

Donovan McNabb – He reluctantly accepted a trade to the Minnesota Vikings, only to find out hours later that one of his top targets (Sidney Rice) was leaving.  Even so, there was very little news about the Dolphins interest in McNabb.

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Latest News on Kyle Orton to the Miami Dolphins

Yesterday, we heard that the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos were in ‘serious trade discussions’ for Kyle Orton.  Some reports indicated that Orton could be a member of the Dolphins by last night.  It didn’t happen.  Today, we’re learning a little bit about why it didn’t happen.  It seems as though the Broncos are demanding a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Orton and his $8.4 mil salary.  The Dolphins, sources say, are willing to offer a 4th or 5th rounder and a player (perhaps DE Philip Merling).

This trade negotiation has essentially come down to a staring contest.  The Broncos have to get themselves under the salary cap, by restructuring Orton’s salary or trading him.  The Dolphins, and every other NFL team, know this.  I think Jeff Ireland should hold his position and give up no more than a 4th round pick + Merling because the Dolphins hold the leverage advantage at this point in time.  Why?  Because the Broncos need to reduce the cap cost of Orton’s contract and the market for QB’s has dried up quicker than a Sham-Wow.   To play their part, the Broncos had Kyle Orton take snaps with the first team today at Broncos camp.

Jeff Ireland is said to be focusing on signing the Dolphins own rookies today.  Shouldn’t be too difficult considering the new Rookie Wage Scale implemented int he new CBA.  However, I’d expect rumors to surface at some point today that the Dolphins are ‘inquiring’ about other quarterbacks.  This would, in theory, scare the Broncos into thinking that their trade partner is seeking another veteran QB.  The Dolphins do have some back-up plans, should the Orton trade not materialize.  There’s always Vince Young, who some Dolfans love and some hate.  Like him or hate him, he would be an interesting piece to add to an offense that will have Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess, and Reggie Bush on the field at the same time.

We’re on top of this story and will keep you updated as soon as more information is known.  Remember, you can follow @PhinNation on Twitter for the very latest Dolphins news and happenings.

Reggie Bush trade completed between Dolphins and Saints

Yesterday was a crazy day at Miami Dolphins headquarters.  The Dolphins brass were working to acquire Kyle Orton from the Broncos and sign free agent Ahmad Bradshaw to reshape their backfield in 2011.  This morning, neither deal is done….and it appears the Dolphins are OUT of the Ahmad Bradshaw race.  Late last night we told you that a deal was in place to send RB Reggie Bush of the Saints to the Dolphins.  The only thing that could hold up the proposed deal was if Bush would not restructure and extend his contract with the Dolphins.

Photo by Daveblack

Well, it appears Reggie wants to bring his talents to South Beach as earlier this morning he agreed to a 2 year contract worth a reported $10 mil with the Dolphins.  Bush is expected to fly to Miami today to sign his contract tomorrow at 6pm, completing the deal.  Bush will be able to join the Dolphins on the practice field next week, after the NFLPA recertifies and the new league year officially starts.We are still awaiting word on what the compensation given to the Saints will be.  As soon as we know, you will.

So what will Bush bring to Miami?  He’ll add his electric play-making ability to an offense that sorely needs it.  He is the perfect compliment to Dolphins rookie RB Daniel Thomas.  Thomas is more of a bruising back, while Bush can break runs to the outside or catch a pass and go the distance.  He can also be a dynamic return man, likely replacing Davone Bess as the Dolphins’ primary punt returner.

Today is likely to be as crazy as the last 2 days have been, so be sure to check back with for the latest Dolphins news.  You can also follow @PhinNation on Twitter for the up-to-the-minute Dolphins news and analysis.

Dolphins and Saints have deal in place for Reggie Bush

Just as I’m about to sign off for the night, the Miami Dolphins go and make some news. After hearing all day about the Dolphins pursuit of Ahmad Bradshaw, it appears they have called a late night audible.

Jay Glazer of Fox Sports just tweeted that the Dolphins and Saints have agreed to a trade that would bring RB Reggie Bush to Miami. However, the deal is contingent on Bush working out a contract with the Dolphins. If this works out, the Dolphins might have just found the compliment they needed for Daniel Thomas!

We will certainly keep you posted as soon as more information is available.

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Where the Dolphins stand right now….Orton, Bradshaw,Brown Updates

It’s midnight and the Dolphins are still working to work out a deal with the Denver Broncos that would bring Kyle Orton to the Dolphins in exchange for a 3rd or 4th round pick and possibly Philip Merling.  The Dolphins have been working with the Broncos all day and have been communicating with Orton’s agent about a contract extension that would accompany a trade.  While it’s still possible the deal could happen tonight, it’s more likely that it would not be finalized until early Thursday morning.  We’ll keep you posted and break the news as soon as we get word.

The Dolphins front office was not only working to acquire the veteran QB they wanted….They were also negotiating a contract offer with RB Ahmad Bradshaw of the Giants.  Things were heating up this afternoon as the Dolphins were making a hard push for Bradshaw.  The Phins are reported to have made a big contract offer to Bradshaw, but we have no further news about the offer.  Things have since gone quiet on the Bradshaw front, so we can only wait and see at this point.

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Orton to Dolphins could happen by 6pm EST

According to Broncos beat reporter Mike Klis, the Miami Dolphins could be very close to acquiring their new starting quarterback.  A few moments ago Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post tweeted this:

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This is not a certainty, but we’ve been hearing that the Dolphins and Broncos have been in talks since earlier this morning.  Terms of the proposed deal are still being discussed as well as Orton’s potential contract extension.  Stay Tuned…..

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Dolphins making a BIG push for Orton and Bradshaw

Since about 1130am this morning, the Miami Dolphins have forced me to be completely unproductive at work.  First, we start to hear rumors that the Dolphins are in ‘serious’ talks with the Broncos about acquiring Kyle Orton.  The two teams are still in discussions, with the Dolphins also talking to Orton about a contract extension as we wrote about here.  The compensation for the Dolphins acquiring Orton is thought to be a 3rd round pick and potentially Philip Merling being included in the deal.  Sources are saying that this deal could happen later this afternoon, tonight, or tomorrow morning.  Ironically, this is very similar to our thoughts in early May.

Earlier this afternoon’s top free agent running back decided to return to Carolina.  DeAngelo Williams signed a massive contract with the Panthers, which made the Dolphins immediately turn their attention to Ahmad Bradshaw of the Giants.  A source tells us that the Dolphins made a huge offer to Bradshaw today.  They are making a BIG push for him.  We’re waiting for more news and will keep updated as soon as information becomes available.

The NFL Network has been saying that the Dolphins are the frontrunner for Ahmad Bradshaw.  However, John Clayton of ESPN suggests that the Dolphins have turned their attention back to one of their own, Ronnie Brown.  There is misinformation everywhere and smokescreens being sent out by teams, players, and agents, so the situation is very fluid.   Check back with for the latest on what is sure to be a crazy afternoon/evening!

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