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PhinNation’s Best of Dolphins Blog Awards

We’ve reached the quiet time in the Miami Dolphins offseason. So, we thought it would be a good time to unveil the first annual “PhinNation’s Best of Dolphins Blog Awards”!  Like you, we’re Dolphins fans too and enjoy reading whatever we can about the Miami Dolphins.  We’re glad you read and hope you enjoy the news and analysis we bring to you.  However, today we’re going to give out some prestigious awards to our favorite Dolphins fan blogs.  Without further adieu, here are the 2012 winners:

Dan Marino, Hall of Fame Blog Award-

Let’s be honest, is the largest Miami Dolphins fan community on the internet.  Started by @TheMattyI and now run by @thephinsider , these guys do a great job of creating discussions around all things Miami Dolphins.  Kevin (mosul dolfan) is currently the head hancho over at and does an excellent job with his team.  Even in the depths of the offseason, they keep the site updated and have set the standard for all other Dolphins blogs to aspire to.

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Dolphins Ochocinco tells Goodell he’ll be a problem this year….

When the Miami Dolphins signed Chad Ochocinco, they were hoping that the former Pro Bowler could regain his glory days in Cincinnati.  I would guess the Dolphins were NOT hoping the Chad Ochocinco ‘swagger’ to return.  Chad has always been a fun loving guy who is said to be a good teammate.  BUT, the Ochocinco shenanigans can be a bit much at times.  Some might argue that his lack of ‘swagger’ in New England had a lot to do with his ineffectiveness.  Well, if the return of his swagger will help him produce for the Dolphins, I’m for it.  If it doesn’t, it could turn out to be a huge distraction.

Yesterday, Chad tweeted to the NFL commissioner:

@nflcommish Dad… I love u but I will be a problem this year.. all fine money this year can be collected from @MiamiDolphins 

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Mini Camp recap day 1: Garrard works with starters, Ochocinco impresses

We’re back Dolphins fans….and so are the Miami Dolphins….Well, back on the practice field that is.  We apologize for the lack of posts recently, but the Dolphins haven’t been making much news, this being mid-June and all…AND some other stuff had us keeping busy.  We’re back now!   As we mentioned, the Dolphins are too, as the team opened up their 3 day, mandatory mini camp on Tuesday.  Honestly, I couldn’t tell you what the difference is between OTAs and mini camp, other than that OTAs were ‘optional’.

Thankfully, the media was allowed to watch practice on Tuesday and they’ll be able to watch today’s practice and tomorrow’s.  Below are some of the notable things we learned from the first day of mini camp.  Please, please, please remember that this is a mini camp being held in June, so reading too much into any of this is useless.

QB Battle

David Garrard took a majority of the snaps with the Dolphins starters on Tuesday.  This is interesting, only because Garrard ran with the starters in the most recent OTAs.  At this point, some are speculating that he is the EARLY favorite to win the QB battle.  Not a lot of comments about Garrard today, but apparently he was pretty solid (except for the pick 6 he threw to Sean Smith.  Not much mention of Matt Moore today.  Ryan Tannehill threw a few nice balls, but is said to be holding the ball just a bit too long and taking sacks.  It will be interesting to see who runs with the first team today, since Joe Philbin said each QB would get a chance this preseason.  My guess is that Matt Moore and Ryan Tannehill will each get a show with the first team in the next 2 days.

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It’s official: Ochocinco signs with Miami Dolphins

According to Chad Ochocinco, Chad Ochocinco has officially signed with the Miami Dolphins. A short while ago, Ochocinco broke the news on his @OCNN twitter account. For those of you wondering, OCNN is the Ochocinco news network.

Ochocinco worked out for the Dolphins earlier Monday and signed his contract this evening. Chad’s signing comes on the heels of Joe Philbin saying earlier today that he is not too happy with how the Dolphins current pass-catchers are catching the football.

We’ll have more on this story later tonight….

Dolphins, please just say NO to Ochocinco

The Miami Dolphins don’t have a whole lot left to do with their roster before the 2012 season.  Sure, they still have to sign Ryan Tannehill, Olivier Vernon, and Michael Egnew…but those contracts should be done in the next couple of weeks.  All that’s really left for Jeff Ireland and the Dolphins front office, is to find ‘acorns’ that are cut from other NFL teams.  In my humble opinion, Chad Johnson Ochocino should NOT be one of the acorns the Dolphins sign.

According to reports, Ochocinco will workout with the Dolphins sometime this week.  Coincidentally, the Dolphins are holding a 3 day OTA, beginning today.  Ochocinco is a personality, no doubt about it.  BUT, is he still a good football player?  If his 15 catches in 2012 with the New England Patriots is any indication……no, he’s not a good football player any longer.  I mean the guy averaged less than 1 catch a game WITH TOM BRADY AS HIS QUARTERBACK!!  How is that possible?  I think the guy that sells popcorn at Foxboro caught at least 2 balls a game.

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VIDEO – Milli Vanilli has NOTHING on the Dolphins Cheerleaders

We are deep within the trench that is the Miami Dolphins offseason….no workouts….no OTAs……no media appearances……no news.  All South Florida has right now are the Miami Marlins, who are near the top of the NL East Standings AND the Miami Heat that are in a battle with the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Since the Dolphins news on the field is sparce, we thought we’d share the latest release by the Miami Dolphins, um, Marketing Department.  The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders visited the Domincan Republic last week for a photo shoot of their latest calendar.  While in the Dominican, the Dolphins Cheerleaders created the below music video parody to Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe”.  Enjoy!

As of this writing, the video has been viewed 406,000 times, a good number considering it was released less than 24 hours ago.  Well done Dolphins Cheerleaders, well done.  In my opinion, this is 3 minutes of awesomeness and I hope you enjoyed it.  I wonder if the Cheerleaders will sneak into a few episodes of Hard Knocks??

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Lamar Miller signs, Dolphins switch to 4-3, and Long to be franchised?

It’s early June, but there are some notable Miami Dolphins tidbits we wanted to share with you.  First, the Miami Dolphins have signed another draft pick.  Late last week, the Dolphins agreed to contract terms with Lamar Miller, the Dolphins 4th round draft pick.  I believe Miller may be the steal of this year’s NFL draft and he could be the eventual replacement for Reggie Bush as the Dolphins starting tailback.  Miller has the type of of play-making ability that should thrive in the West Coast offense Joe Philbin is currently installing…think along the lines of Shady McCoy in Philadelphia.  The only unsigned Dolphins draft picks are Ryan Tannehill, Michael Egnew, and Olivier Vernon.  All should be signed well before Dolphins training camp starts in late July.

It’s been widely rumored that the Dolphins new defensive coordinator, Kevin Coyle, is bringing a 4-3 defense to Miami.  Well, even though the Dolphins won’t confirm it…it’s coming.  The Dolphins defense may be a 4-3/3-4 hybrid, but the 4-3 alignments will be used to take advantage of the Dolphins speed on the defensive line as the Palm Beach Post highlights here.  I know we’re still 3.5 months away from seeing this defense unveiled, for real, but I’m excited to see what they have in store for us!

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