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Ryan Tannehill returns to Dolphins practice

The Miami Dolphins have not said much since Ryan Tannehill hyper-extended his knee and bruised his quad against the Jets on Sunday. The Dolphins sent Tannehill for an MRI on Monday, but didn’t release the results. Well, actions speak louder than words would have, as Ryan Tannehill returned to the Dolphins practice field today.  According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, Tannehill took snaps with the first team players during individual drills.  Matt Moore then stepped in with the Dolphins starting offense.  Pat Devlin took the second team snaps.

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Tannehill’s leg injuries will be closely monitored this week.  If you want to monitor it yourself, check out the video clips the Dolphins released of Tannehill at practice today.  If he cannot show the coaches that he has the mobility necessary to move fluidly, the Dolphins will probably have Matt Moore start at quarterback.  Moore did a good job last week against the Jets, posting a 96.6 QB rating, while managing the offense effectively.

There is no doubt that Tannehill wants to play this weekend.  Tannehill is said to have spoken with Joe Philbin on the ride home from New Jersey, saying that he will be fine. Tannehill said after the Jets game that he could’ve gone back in if the score was closer. Tannehill must prove it and must be able to practice tomorrow and/or Friday with the first team offense.   Ultimately, Joe Philbin and the Dolphins coaching staff will make the final call after seeing how Tannehill moves in practice.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

Dolphins Division: Dolphins look to claim share of AFC East lead

The Miami Dolphins took their first big step in putting themselves in position to make a run at a playoff spot in the AFC. The Dolphins win over the Jets evened their divisional record at 1-1 and improved their conference record to 3-2. BOTH will be important when late December rolls around and playoff spots are determined.  Additionally, the Dolphins win over the Jets, knocked the Jets to 3-5, putting their hopes of the divisional title on life support.

Earlier this month, when the Dolphins were 2-3, we laid out their road map to the playoffs.  The Dolphins have won their last 2 games, which sticks to the script.  Next up, the Dolphins must win 3 of their next 4 games (@ Indy, vs. Tenn, @ Buff, vs. Seattle).  The 3 AFC games are most important because they are against teams that are tied with or trailing the Dolphins in the race for a wild card spot.  In a perfect world, the loss would come against the Seahawks because they are a non-AFC team so it wouldn’t hurt the Dolphins AFC record.

Did you now the Dolphins are currently the hottest team in the AFC?  The Dolphins hold the AFC’s longest winning streak at 3 games.  This week they can take a big step in both the AFC East and AFC wild card races, if they can find a way to beat the Colts in Indianapolis.  Here’s a look at the current layout of the AFC East and what’s ahead for each team.

New England Patriots (5-3 overall, 2-0 division)

Two weeks ago, the Patriots were tied with the rest of the AFC East at 3-3.  After a gut-check win against the Jets at home and a dominating win against the Rams in London, the Patriots are on top of the division, all by themselves.  The Patriots played solid defense against the Rams and their offense looked like it was back to it’s old ways.  The Patriots are off this week and then play host to the Bills and Colts the next 2 weeks.  There is a very real possibility that the Patriots will be 7-3 through their first 10 games of the season.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

Miami Dolphins go gangnam style with celebrations

The Miami Dolphins had a lot to cheer about yesterday in their 30-9 demolishing of the Jets.  Two Dolphins players in particular had quite a bit of fun…..Gangnam Style!  If you’re asking yourself what Gangnam Style is, check out this video:

Gangnam Style is the the Korean rap senstation that has been watched over 115 million times on  Honestly, I have no idea what this guy’s singing about…..but it’s a popular song.  Saturday Night Live even did a sketch about Gangnam Style a month ago.

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Dolphins do their talking on the field and crush Jets 30-9

The Miami Dolphins listened to all of the noise that came out of New York this week.  For the most part, the Dolphins did not retaliate with more trash talking, except for Mike Pouncey, who put Aaron Maybin in his place.  By the way, Maybin didn’t record a tackle in Sunday’s game against the Dolphins.  He still have only 1 more tackle than me on the season.  The Dolphins decided to let their play do the talking…..and boy did it ever.

The Dolphins took their opening possession down the field and jumped out to an early 3-0 lead.  The Dolphins then recovered a surprise onside kick.  Shortly after, Ryan Tannehill was sacked and hit on the quad/knee and forced to leave the game.  The Dolphins would punt and pin the Jets deep.  The defense then  forced a 3 and out from the Jets offense and forced them to punt from deep in their own territory.  Tim Tebow was in punt protection and when the Dolphins brought the house, forcing Tebow to block 2 men. he didn’t and Jimmy Wilson blocked the punt, allowing Olivier Vernon to pick it up in the endzone for a touchdown.

From there, the Dolphins stepped on the gas pedal and didn’t let up, cruising to a 30-9 victory over the trash talking, hated, stinking Jets.  MetLife Stadium started clearing out in the 3rd quarter.  There were even ‘Tebow’ chants at one point.  Overall, it was a glorious day to be a Dolphins fan!

What I liked

Matt Moore – Moore relieved Tannehill and did a great job leading the Dolphins to the victory.  Moore finished the day completing 11 of 19 passes for 131 yards and a TD for a 96.6 QB rating.  Moore might be the best backup QB in football, which is why I don’t think the Dolphins will trade him before the trade deadline on Tuesday.  Before the talk even begins, there should be NO quarterback controversy.  Ryan Tannehill is the Dolphins starter. Period.

Dolphins Defense – The Dolphins defense held the Jets to just 9 points, caused 2 turnovers, and sacked Mark Sanchez 4 times.  The statistics show that the Dolphins allowed 363 yards of total offense to the Jets and 5.0 yards per carry to the Jets running game.  However, this game was out of hand early and the Dolphins played ‘bend but don’t break’ defense for most of the second half.  Great job applying pressure to Mark Sanchez and stopping the running game early.  Sanchez attempted 54 passes, but completed just over 50% of them. (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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Pitiful Picks: Dolphins will beat up on Jets today

It’s week 8 in the NFL and Pitiful Picks, but only game #7 for the Miami Dolphins.  The Dolphins are currently in 2nd place in the AFC East and hope to continue their 2 game winning streak to keep pace with the Patriots.  Hurricane Sandy is expected to impact a few NFL games on Sunday, including the Dolphins matchup with the Jets.  We’ll take some of that into consideration for this week’s Pitiful Picks. Last week we went 2-2 to bring our season record to 14-11.  Like the Dolphins, we need to put some distance between us and the .500 mark.

Philadelphia Eagles -3 over Atlanta Falcons

I know what you’re thinking: How can you pick a 3-3 team, that’s favored, to beat an undefeated team.  A couple of reasons: #1 Andy Reid is 13-0 following a bye week, #2 The Falcons are good, but they are due for a loss, #3 The Eagles are desperate and have done some soul searching during the bye week- they need a good performance, at home, #4 The rainy weather will force the Eagles to run the ball more than usual and Shaddy McCoy will run all over the Falcons defense.  Eagles 24 Falcons 20

New York Giants -2.5 over Dallas Cowboys

The Giants are a better team than the Cowboys, period.  The Cowboys just lost Sean Lee, who is a key component of their defense.  The Giants also want to exact some revenge on the Cowboys for their opening night loss, at home.  You remember, Kevin Ogletree went off on the Giants secondary.  I’m surprised the game is a 2.5 spread because I think the Giants are at least a touchdown better than the Cowboys.  Eli Manning will outplay Tony Romo this time and the Giants secondary is better than it was in week 1.  Giants 27 Cowboys 20  (Picks cont’d on page 2, click below)

Dolphins Gameplan: Attack! Attack! Attack!

For 2 weeks, the Miami Dolphins have been thinking about nothing but improving their record to 4-3.  In fact, the Dolphins have been thinking about getting revenge on the Jets since they lost to them in overtime a month ago in Miami. This week, the emotions of this game spilled into the press as both sides took shots at the other. The Jets started the verbal barbs and it appears that Mike Pouncey finished it.  Now, we move on and await the rematch of these two teams that clearly do not like one another.

With a win, the Dolphins will improve to 4-3 and even their division record at 1-1.  With a little help from the Rams in London against the Patriots, the Dolphins could even find themselves in first place on Monday morning.  A win would also send the loudmouth Jets into their bye week with a record of 3-5, 2-2 in the division.  A win would essentially put another nail in the Jets season.  If the Dolphins lose, they’ll fall to 3-4 overall, 0-2 in the division and will fall behind the Jets in the division.  So even though it’s still October, this is a very important game for both teams.  Here’s what the Dolphins need to do to win:

Play with Fire

According to Omar Kelly, the Dolphins are still pissed about the Jets purposely aiming for Davone Bess’ knee in the season finale last season.  Bess was knocked out of the game and suffered a partially torn ACL/MCL.  Add that anger to the Dolphins losing to the Jets in overtime a month ago AND all of the trash talking from this week, and you have one pissed off Dolphins team.  The Dolphins must take that aggression onto the football field on Sunday.  The Dolphins must stay in control and use their anger effectively.  We don’t need to see Richie Incognito getting flagged again for unnecessary roughness.  The Dolphins much keep their emotions under control, while playing with fire through the whistle.

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War of Words continues as Mike Pouncey fires back for Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins and New York Jets do not like each other.  Yesterday, we heard from S LaRoid Landry and LB Aaron Maybin.  Landry focused his trash talking on Reggie Bush mostly, saying that Reggie will run differently for the Dolphins on Sunday because he remembers the hit that injured his knee back in September.  Landry went on to say that even if he’s penalized, it won’t stop him from headhunting.  He finished by saying that the Jets would beat the Dolphins on Sunday and improve to 4-4 entering their bye week.

Linebacker Aaron Maybin couldn’t help himself, as he too had to say something about Reggie Bush.  He said that the Jets want to ‘knock him out’, but do so legally.  Great team you have up there Rex.  I see you have everything under control.  I’m interested to see if Roger Goodell has anything to say about ‘headhunting’ and wanting to ‘knock him out’.

Most of the Dolphins took the high road when the media asked them about Landry’s and Maybin’s comments.  Jorvorskie Lane said “You trying to hurt somebody, now it’s personal.”  Most of the Dolphins (Reggie Bush, Sean Smith & others) said that they would wait to do their talking on the field Sunday.  It was almost as if, I don’t know, THEIR COACH told them not to take the bait from the Jets.  Imagine that, a coach that has control of his team. (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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Gaffney says “I’m definitely ready to play” while Starks misses practice

The Miami Dolphins returned to the practice field yesterday and continued to prepare for their big game against the Jets on Sunday. The Dolphins seem extremely motivated to beat the Jets this weekend and tensions will be high on Sunday, considering LaRoid Landry’s comments yesterday. Speaking of Landry, the guy who looks like the poster child for steroid abuse, he should worry more about covering pass catchers than clapping when an opponent lays on the field injured. According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, opposing quarterbacks have a passer rating of 91.0 when throwing to the receiver Landry is covering. For comparison, quarterbacks have a 39.8 QB rating throwing at Rashad Jones and a 68 QB rating throwing at Chris Clemons.

[UPDATE Thursday Afternoon]: Mike Pouncey fired back and called Aaron Maybin a ‘joke’, click here for the full story.

The Dolphins will be motivated by their hatred for the Jets, the fact that they let one slip away against the Jets a month ago, Landry’s comments, and the fact that this game could extend their winning streak to 3 games. By the way, Landry also guaranteed a win on Sunday! The Dolphins may not be saying it publicly, but inside that locker room, these guys know they have an opportunity to make a run at the playoffs….and it starts on Sunday.

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LaRon Landry trash talking Reggie Bush and a Dolphins fan

As if the Miami Dolphins didn’t have enough reasons to want to beat the tar out of the Jets this Sunday. The Dolphins have been focused all week, preparing for their huge AFC East game against the hated, freaking Jets. Emotions were expected to be high, considering the last time the Dolphins played the Jets, Reggie Bush was knocked out of the game. Bush was injured by taking a helmet to the knee, which caused him to miss the remainder of the game. Who’s helmet was it? Jets safety LaRon Landry. As Bush laid on the ground in pain, Landry was clapping. A real nice guy, huh?

Well today, just 4 days before the Dolphins head to New Jersey for the rematch, Landry decided to remind everyone what he did in September. Landry said the following according to

“(Bush) will remember that hit. Every time he sees me, he will remember that hit,” Landry told Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. Landry continued: “If I get penalized, I’m not going to stop hitting or headhunting,” Landry said. “I’m not going to stop the way I play. Just watch the way (Bush) runs on Sunday. I’m not going to overtalk it or make it a story.”

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Pink Penalty Flags will be used at Sunday’s Dolphins game

This Sunday, the Miami Dolphins will travel to New Jersey to take on the Jets.  As always, both teams will try to avoid making critical mistakes, including costly penalties. Except, this Sunday, instead of trying to avoid getting a yellow penalty flag thrown on him, Richie Incognito and the Dolphins will try to avoid having a pink penalty flag thrown on them. On Thursday, NFL Commish Roger Goodell announced that the officials in Sunday’s Dolphins/Jets game will use pink penalty flags instead of the traditional yellow penalty flags.

This will mark the first time since 1965 that the penalty flags used in an NFL game will not be yellow.  The suggestion to use pink flags came from an 11 year old New Jersey boy named Dante Cano.  Dante sent a letter to Commissioner Goodell, suggesting that the NFL use pink penalty flags as part of their initiative to increase breast cancer awareness during October.  Here’s what Dante wrote:

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