5 areas of concern, just 2 weeks into Dolphins camp

The Miami Dolphins returned to the practice field on Tuesday, hoping to fix the mistakes made in the horrid performance Sunday night to the Cowboys.  Sadly, the Dolphins offense failed to give us much confidence that they learned from their errors on Sunday.  Moreover, the Dolphins as a team need to begin to show some progress as this preseason moves along.  I know, I know, they’ve only been practicing for 2 weeks and only played the most meaningless of preseason games.  But, at this point, there are 5 things that are worrisome….even if it is early in camp.

Photos Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photos Courtesy of Dolphins.com

I’m not saying that these things can’t be fixed, or even that they are currently a huge problem, but they have at the very least put a damper on the positive feelings I had, entering camp.  I realize that every team in the NFL has one thing in training camp: Hope.  However, when the proverbial ‘rubber meets the road’ we begin to see how much hope there is and how much is over-hyped.  So with that, here are the 5 things that worry me, 2 weeks into camp (I encourage you to leave me a comment below, to reassure on any/all of these points!):

1.  Ryan Tannehill - Look, Tannehill is probably my favorite player on this team.  I want him to be great.  I want him to be the next franchise QB to lead the Dolphins to a Super Bowl.  BUT, he has got to start playing consistently.  I’m not saying he needs to be Dan Marino in year 2, but we need to see progress from last year.  He wants to be a leader on this team and he appears willing and able to do so……he just needs to lead by example ON THE FIELD, as well as off of it.

Tannehill only took 10 snaps on Sunday night, completing 2 of 5 passes for 11 yards.  That sample size isn’t large enough to adequately gauge his performance, especially without Mike Wallace and Brian Hartline on the field.  But you would expect him to follow up that performance with a solid practice on Tuesday.  He didn’t.  He threw 3 or 4 interceptions (the 4th is up for debate apparently).  Yes, I remember that he went 5 or 6 practices without throwing an interception.  I also realize that Tannehill and Matt Moore were the only QBs throwing on Tuesday, due to Pat Devlin’s injury (which isn’t considered to be serious).  By the Sun Sentinel’s count, Tannehill took 80% of the snaps in practice, which would give him more chances to make mistakes, so those interception numbers might be skewed.   (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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