5 bold predictions for the Dolphins 2013 Draft

The NFL draft is about 1 week away and the Miami Dolphins are in the process of preparing their draft board.  Personally, the NFL Draft has always been one of my favorite events of the NFL season, comparable at times to an actual game (crazy, I know!).  I used to host Draft parties every season because the 1st-3rd rounds would take place on a Saturday afternoon.  The perfect time to assemble friends, talk sports, and possible engage in some beverage consumption (I’m being politically correct here).  Anyway, the NFL, in it’s infinite wisdom, decided to make the Draft into a Prime Time event.  That meant switching the first few rounds to Thursday and Friday nights.  Here’s the schedule for this year’s Draft:

Thursday, April 25th – 1st round

Friday, April 26th – 2nd & 3rd rounds

Saturday, April 27th – 4th-7th rounds

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Although the Dolphins one pick on Thursday has gotten the most attention, fans calling for everyone from Lane Johnson to Tavon Austin, the core of this Dolphins draft will take place on Friday in the 2nd and 3rd rounds.  The Dolphins first pick, whomever he might be, should be a starter from day 1. A top 12 pick that isn’t a QB, should be an immediate starter.  However, with 4 picks combined between rounds 2-3, the Dolphins have a chance to hit a home run in this draft.  Those picks will be what make or break this draft.  

I’m sure you’ve all seen these, but we figured we’d put these out there, just in case.  Here is a list of all of the Dolphins draft picks for this year’s draft:

Round 1 – #12 overall

Round 2 – #42 & #54 overall

Round 3 – #77 & #82 overall

Round 4 – #111 overall

Round 5 – #146 & #166 overall

Round 7 – #217, #224 & #250 overall

So with all of that said….or written, here are our bold predictions for the Dolphins 2013 Draft:

#1 Dolphins won’t draft 11 players – I believe the Dolphins will use all 11 of their draft picks, but I don’t think they’ll leave the draft with 11 players.  Oh yeah…wait…WHAT?  I think the Dolphins will use a combination of draft picks to move around the draft (up or down), but will not select 11 different players.  Why?  Jeff Ireland has shown he’s not afraid to move up to get a player he wants (see: Lamar Miller, Daniel Thomas, etc.).  He will use his draft picks as ammunition to go up and get players at some (or multiple) point(s) in this draft.

Remember, only 53 players make the active roster, so taking 11 players would account for almost 20% of that roster.  Why not trade some of the later picks to move up and select a better player instead of waiting and picking someone you might not like as much and might not make the roster (i.e. a 5th or 7th round pick).  That’s my theory at least and I’m sticking to it!  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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