A look at how the Dolphins could recruit Mike Wallace

The Miami Dolphins have made it clear that they plan on pursuing Mike Wallace once free agency begins.  The Dolphins can begin talking with Wallace’s representatives on Saturday.  They can’t speak with Wallace himself until Tuesday at 4pm.  We’re sure the Dolphins have a big elaborate plan on how they want to recruit Wallace.  But, as we mentioned in our earlier post, the Dolphins would be wise to take a small contingent of players to help the recruitment process.  Here’s a look at how we think it might unfold (hat tip to FinsNation.com for the format below, they created the screen play idea, I just thought it might be fun illustrate this scenario in this way):

“Hi Mike, I’m Ryan Tannehill, QB of the Dolphins.  I’m here to tell you that we want you…..We’re here to do anything possible so that you’ll bring your talents to South Beach.  Along with me here are Jeff Ireland our GM, Cameron Wake our Pro Bowl DE, Davone Bess, a fellow receiver, and Mike Pouncey, Maurkice’s twin brother”

“What’s up guys?  You didn’t bring your owner with  you?”

“No, but I brought his checkbook”

“Hi guys!!!!!!!!!”

“What’s going on Mike? My brother told me you were looking to move on to a warmer climate, and now I know why….. it’s cold as hell up here!”

“Yeah, the winters are pretty rough. It would be nice to play in a place that has nice weather all year round”

“Good weather, fine ladies, and no state income tax! I know you’re looking to get paid and you deserve it. The Dolphins are willing to make you an offer no other team will make”

“Yeah, we ar……….”

“JEFF! What did we say about you talking? Remember the Dez incident??? Shhhhhhh”

(Ireland quickly flips through the pages of the checkbook, smiling all the while at Wallace)

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