A season of change for the Miami Dolphins

On Friday evening the Miami Dolphins will embark on a journey together kicking off the 2012 football season.  While this is still preseason, the Dolphins feel they have a lot to prove this year.  Under new head coach Joe Philbin the Dolphins are hoping for a fresh start.  New coaches, new offense, new personnel on the field, you get the point.  One of the many things most Dolphins fans are concerned about this season is the QB position for 2012.  The Dolphins bring in seasoned veteran David Garrard for a chance at redemption coming off a recent back surgery.  Garrard has been and will be competing with team MVP last season Matt Moore, and first round draft pick Ryan Tannehill, who some believe holds the keys to the future of the organization.  With a solid defensive unit and a fresh look offense, I believe this team is going to catch many teams by surprise this season, let me go a step further and include most fans in that statement.

This is not your run of the mill team, these players are not new to the game, and they are hungry.  Out of the 31 other teams in the NFL this will be the team that nobody expects much success from this season.  If you look at match-ups the Dolphins have a very favorable schedule this year, with the exception of the Patriots, 49ers, and Texans.  There are not a lot of games that should pose much of a big threat to the Dolphins.  This is the season the Dolphins will step up to the plate, I will get thrown under the bus for the big head before the season has even started but I stand by my prediction.  I believe this team will win more than 8 games and will be in contention for a playoff spot this season.

Here are a few reasons why:

Putting in a rigorous offseason workout I believe Davone Bess is poised for an absolutely huge season this year.  Do not be shocked to see him bring in 80+ catches if he can stay healthy, he is in his prime.  With Mike Sherman’s installment of the west coast offense he will have his opportunity to feast this year.

Reggie Bush has stated many times the past couple of months that he wants to and believes he can be the NFL’s leading rusher in 2012.  Coming off a 1000+ yard season he has a huge upside, the only thing I question will be how much the Dolphins will really “run” the ball.  Either way Reggie’s work ethic is second to none when it comes to anyone on this Dolphins team.  Constantly staying late after practice for extra reps proved to pay off last season for him, and I believe it will this year as well.

Legedu Naanee is ready to produce, past injuries have kept him from doing so.  He has given the Dolphins coaches plenty of reasons to keep him for the final 53.  Strong hands, and great body control seem to be part of what makes Naanee so valuable.  His ability to make tough catches in traffic and in tight coverage are some his bright spots.

David Garrard is eager to prove that he still has “IT”.  The first episode of Hardknocks did not sugar coat that, it’s obvious that he still has a bad taste in his mouth from his release in Jacksonville.  Having played in a WC offense before he has looked very comfortable so far in training camp.  His veteran awareness on the field and in the huddle are part of his strengths.  Having been in the league for over 8 years he has seen a lot of things and will know how to handle many situations that some of the other QB’s might be unsure of.  If I had to tell you who will be the starter come week 1 my money is on Garrard, hands down.

The last person and the nucleus holding everything together is head coach Joe Philbin.  On Hardknocks this week he stated that he had coached 10,000+ games as some sort of coach.  Now is his time to lead the Miami Dolphins as their head coach, his attention to detail and upbeat tempo seem to be his trademarks.  Some reporters that have been around the team have said that Philbin is most impressive coach to come into the Dolphins organization since coach Jimmy Johnson back in the late 90′s.  That to me is a sign that there is something different about this man and this team.  It all begins with the coach and trickles down from there.  This will be a different season, a season of change in South Beach.  Do you believe?  I do.