Advertise was started on 10-11-10 and has been growing quicker than we  ever imagined. was created to provide news, analysis, and opinion on the Miami Dolphins. We are very proud of our growth rate and expect it to continue as we provide quality content.

We are proudly part of the YardBarker Network, which publishes our content and drives readers to our home page to view full articles.  Yardbarker was purchased by Fox Sports/MSN earlier this year, expanding our distribution network.  We’ve been published on the front page of and can regularly be found on the Dolphins team page on  In addition, we are growing our Twitter following (@PhinNation) , and have recently launched our Facebook page ( .  Being active in the social media helps generate buzz, increase reader loyalty, and drive traffic to

We have recently rolled out some new features on PhinNation and are currently looking to add a new writer or 2!  We now have a complete Phins Forum, where readers can engage in discussions about the Dolphins, or anything else on their minds.  Finally, we’ve added a brand new commenting feature, which allows commenters to build a high score in points and challenge opposing viewpoints.

As you can see, we’re excited to continue the growth of and thank you for your interest in being a part of it!

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