AFC East Preview: The Week Ahead 12/22

It’s fun to do these week ahead previews when the Miami Dolphins still have a shot at making the playoffs.  But thanks to a no-show by the offense and their kicker on Sunday, we will be doing just that today.  The Dolphins were officially eliminated from playoff contention with their loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday.  All we are left to do is to root against the Dolphins rivals.  Here’s a look at what is in store in week 16 of the NFL season:

New England Patriots (12-2)

The Pats didn’t look as impressive as in previous weeks, but they did enough to beat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night.  They travel to Buffalo to take on the Bills this week as they look to wrap up the division and home field throughout the AFC playoffs.   If they wrap things up this week, look for them to play the starters for about a half against the Dolphins in week 17.

New York Jets (10-4)

The Jets won a game on Sunday against the Steelers that few people thought they could.  They all but clinched a playoff spot with the win and put an end to the ‘Same Ole Jets’ talk.  Rex Ryan, wanting to keep things interesting, has yet something other than football to talk about this week.  You see, he and his wife apparently have some kind of foot fetish and there are videos on  He wouldn’t talk about the incident and would only answer questions about FOOTball at his press conference today.  This week the Jets look to punch their ticket to the playoffs in Chicago against the Bears. If the Jets make the playoffs in back to back years, what a FEET it would be.  Alright, I’m done!

Miami Dolphins (7-7)

Every other week we seem to say the same thing.  After a home game, it’s the same thing.  Why can’t the Dolphins play consistent football and win home games?  No one seems to know.  But, there are rumblings that Bill Cowher or Jon Gruden could be interested in the Dolphins job, should Stephen Ross decide to make a change.  The offseason may be starting early for the Dolphins, but it is sure to be an interesting one.  After being eliminated from the playoff race by the Bills last week, the Dolphins host the Detroit Lions this weekend in Miami.

Buffalo Bills (4-10)

The Bills are prime to play spoiler for their AFC East foes.  Knocking the Dolphins off last week meant dashing their playoff hopes.  This week, they host the Patriots, in a game they should lose.  In the final week of the season, the Bills take on the New York Jets.  If the Jets lose this week in Chicago, they may need the game to make the playoffs.

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