Bill Cowher has been contacted by Miami Dolphins, according to sources

At last check, the Miami Dolphins still had a head coach and his name is still Tony Sparano.  However, according to ProFootballWeekly, Bill Cowher has been contacted by the Dolphins.  In the below clip, the senior editor of Pro Football Weekly suggests (around the 0:50 mark, after the brief commercial) that his sources have confirmed communication between the Dolphins and Bill Cowher.  Check it out for yourself:

The Dolphins, while employing a head coach, reaching out to a potential replacement?  Haven’t we seen this somewhere before?  OF COURSE WE HAVE!  The entire sports world remembers, back in January, when the Dolphins Owner flew his private jet to California to meet with Jim Harbaugh…..while Tony Sparano was still the head coach.  Now, they’re doing it again?  You simply cannot make this stuff up.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d be on board with the Dolphins bringing in Bill Cowher to coach the team next year. He would need to come with a personnel man to handle the GM duties.   But why keep Tony Sparano as the lame duck Dolphins’ coach (and give him a vote of confidence during the bye week) if you are going to actively look for his replacement?

It was suggested earlier this week that Jon Gruden was at the top of the Dolphins wish list.  If that’s the case, are they simply kicking the tires on Cowher?  Or perhaps Gruden has already told the Dolphins he’s not interested?

It was reported that the Dolphins reached out to Cowher last year, but he declined.  I wonder if his mind has changed over the last 10 months?  If you’re wondering who the Dolphins might bring in as a personnel man, I’ll throw out two names that I’ve heard mentioned Carl Peterson and Marty Schottenheimer (hat tip to @KohneysKorner).  Stephen Ross, has a close relationship with Peterson and Schottenheimer and Cowher are said to be close as well.  We’ll see how it all plays out….eventually….

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