Brandt: Dolphins’ Tannehill keeping up with RG3 and Luck

The Miami Dolphins have been searching for the next Dan Marino since the golden armed one retired.  For the first time, since the Dolphins drafted Marino in 1983, the Dolphins used their 1st round pick on a quarterback.  When the Dolphins drafted Ryan Tannehill, most experts agreed that he would need time to develop into a solid NFL quarterback.  This was mostly because Tannehill had played only 19 games at quarterback at Texas A&M after spending his first 2 years playing wide receiver.

Photo by June Rivera

The Dolphins quarterback competition this summer was a close race, but Tannehill jumped to the lead when David Garrard went down with a knee injury.  Tannehill claimed the Dolphins starting QB job and hasn’t looked back since.  What’s most encouraging is that he is showing improvement each week and he’s not making the same mistake twice.  The national media is starting to pick up on how impressive Tannehill is playing. (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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