Could Dion Jordan line up at tight end soon for the Dolphins?


By Cyrus (@Cyruslassus on Twitter)

It has been reported that Dion Jordan was working on the jugs machine after Dolphins’ practice and looked good doing it.

While it is not uncommon for defensive players to work on their ball skills, it seems to be a pretty good indicator that the Dolphins are at least exploring the option of giving him some offensive snaps.

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His good hands are an asset in his role as a part time linebacker who shadows the quarterback and covers elite tight ends, but he was a highly recruited tight end when he arrived on the Oregon campus and has measurables that put him in a category with the Jimmy Graham’s and Rob Gronkowski’s of the league.

If indeed he is getting ready to make his debut on the offensive side of the ball, Ryan Tannehill would benefit from having one more elite talent at his disposal.

Perhaps scoring 30 points per game will be the new Miami Dolphins dynamic and Dion Jordan may be a part of that plan.