Did the Dolphins trade Davone Bess because of a mental illness?


By Cyrus (@Cyruslassus on Twitter)
Davone Bess was placed in a mental hospitalized against his own will in March of 2013.

It is the single most disappointing Miami Dolphins news I have read in a while, because he was coincidentally traded in April of 2013.

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Photo Courtesy of Dolphins.com

Brandon Marshall was traded in March of 2012, days after allegedly striking a woman in a bar.  He is the face for borderline personality disorder, a condition that carries an 8-10 percent suicide rate.

In August of 2012, Chad Johnson was released after a domestic violence incident – the first legal problem he has ever encountered.  He has not been diagnosed with a condition, but his alleged action showed mental instability.

I understand why you would not want trouble makers or that you would shy away from signing somebody with a mental condition, but when somebody needs therapy or medicine is treating them like a leper appropriate?

My heart aches for Davone.

Approximately 26.2 percent of people suffer a diagnosable mental illness in a given year, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

If you think about it, Jonathan Martin suffered a mental breakdown when he slammed down his tray, walked out on the team and checked himself into a hospital.

Perhaps if we had a healthy attitude towards mental health, he would not have felt the need to create a firestorm in order to protect his paychecks.