Did the Jets try to injure Dolphins running back Reggie Bush?

The Miami Dolphins did not play well yesterday.  The Dolphins had numerous opportunities to win the game, despite losing Reggie Bush at the end of the first half.  Reggie Bush was injured on the Dolphins final drive of the first half, when they were essentially trying to run out the clock.  The Dolphins probably should have just taken a knee and went to the locker room.  Instead, the Dolphins ran the ball with Reggie and he took a helmet to the knee, which ended his day.

The play itself looked innocent enough, but when you combine Bush’s injury with the comments made by Calvin Pace of the Jets, it raises suspicions.  Here’s what Pace said:

“I guess he was doing his thing for a quarter or two,”….. “We had to put him on out. We didn’t see him again.”

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