Differing Opinions on Dolphins’ Draft Targets

With the amount of uncertainty surrounding the upcoming NFL offseason, there are various opinions and directions on how the Miami Dolphins should go about improving their team.  Today we’re going to look at the upcoming April Draft and which players the Dolphins might target.  If there is no CBA agreed to by the time of the draft, Free Agency will not happen until after the draft is completed.  This obviously plays into the strategy of how Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano will look to upgrade the roster.

There are a number of mock drafts out there, but the truth is that no one knows how the draft will unfold in any given year.  This is especially true when we don’t even know if Free Agency will take place before the draft.  We say this to advise you against reading too much into what mock drafts might say.

So who might the Dolphins be looking at in late April, when pick #15 is on the clock?  We’ll go through a few of the popular mock draft sites in a moment.  But first, it should be noted that the Dolphins will likely look to trade backwards in the first round and potentially pick up a 2nd round pick.  So again, these picks are based on the Dolphins keeping the #15 pick and selecting a player.

Drafttek.com – This site is one of my favorites.  They run weekly simulations of their mock draft, so it’s continuously updated.  They take into account team’s needs and the offensive/defensive systems they run.  Earlier this offseason, Drafttek.com had the Dolphins selecting Mark Ingram, RB Alabama.  However, now they have the Dolphins selecting Cam Newton, QB Auburn.  The Dolphins analyst they have states that Newton might be the best pick, talent wise, but perhaps not best for a regime that needs to win now.   We’re still working on who we think the Dolphins should target in their qb search, but Newton is one that might make the list.  Some say he reminds them of Jamarcus Russell, but we see more of Big Ben in Newton.  He has all of the physical tools you would want in a QB.  The key with Newton being successful will be his ability to read complex defenses quickly.

InsideTheEagles.com – This site sounds odd, since we’re talking about the Dolphins draft.  BUT, year in and year out the site has updated mocks that are usually pretty good.  At this time, they have the Dolphins selecting Jake Locker, QB Washington.  We can’t say we’re happy with this pick, especially considering some of the other options that are still on the board in this mock, when the Dolphins pick.  Locker had an inconsistent senior year, which has raised a number of questions about him as he enters the draft.

Footballsfuture.com - Another mock draft, another one saying that the Dolphins will pick a quarterback.  Footballs Future thinks the Dolphins will select Cam Newton, QB Auburn.  Like Drafttek.com, they admit that the Newton has the most upside for the Dolphins, although he won’t be able to play at a high level immediately.

CNNSI.com – Don Banks at CNNSI thinks the Dolphins will select Mark Ingram, RB Alabama.  I don’t know if Ingram is the running back the Dolphins need, but the last line of Banks’ Dolphins analysis says “With Ingram in his backfield, Miami’s Chad Henne would already be a better quarterback”. Most people realize that if Henne is still the QB, the Dolphins need other upgrades on offense.

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