Dolphins and Hartline close to agreeing on a new deal

Yesterday, the Miami Dolphins locked up one of their own free agents, by placing the franchise tag on Randy Starks.  While the 2 sides continue to try to agree on a longer term deal, the Dolphins are also in the process of negotiating with their other free agents.   Alex Marvez of reported today that the Dolphins and Hartline are close to finalizing a multiyear deal.   The local media members have quoted sources saying that the two sides are ‘deep in talks’.  One way or another, it sounds like the deal is going to get done sometime soon.

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The deal that Marvez is reporting is worth between $6-$6.5 million per season.   In my opinion, that’s a pretty good payday for a wide receiver that scored just 1 touchdown last season.  We do not know the financial details of the deal, probably because they aren’t finalized yet.  However, I would expect the cap hit for this season to be closer to $4 million than $6 million.  If I had to guess, I’d say this deal is somewhere around 3 years for $19 mil or 4 years for $24 million.

Again, we won’t know the cap impact until the details of the deal are released.  However, if you take the Dolphins supposed $48 million in cap room and subract $8.4 mil for Starks and $6 mil for Hartline, the Dolphins will have about $33 million left to spend this offseason.  That’s still plenty of money to spend on a Mike Wallace or Greg Jennings AND a pass rusher, if they choose to do so.  Remember, the Dolphins will need just over $6 mil to sign their rookies, so they essentially have $26 million to work with, after the Hartline deal. (cont’d on page 2, click here)

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