Dolphins are who we thought they were

The Miami Dolphins just completed their 4th straight losing season.  Disappointing?  Yes.  Unexpected? No.  The Dolphins season was disappointing to all of us that love the team.  BUT, it’s hard to say that the 7-9 campaign was all that unexpected.  After all, the Dolphins were coming off of a 6-10 season last year, brought in a rookie head coach and started a rookie quarterback for 16 games.  So should we be surprised that the Dolphins once again fell short of the .500 mark?

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Before the season started, many ‘experts’ predicted that the Dolphins would take a step back and finish with 4 or 5 wins.  They surpassed those low expectations, but ultimately fell short of making the postseason once again.  Before the season began, we ran through every Dolphins game in this post and came out with a 7-9 record, finishing 2-4 in the AFC East.  That’s exactly how the Dolphins finished the season….I wish we were wrong with those predictions!

The Gap is Real

The Dolphins in 2012 continued to show that they are still a mediocre team.  Finishing 7-9 says that, but a look behind the numbers shows even more.  There is still a gap between the Dolphins and the upper echelon teams in the NFL.  The Dolphins finished 5-4 against teams that failed to reach the postseason, but just 2-5 against teams that still have football left to play.  The ‘gap’ was never more evident than on Sunday when the Dolphins were shut out by the Patriots 28-0.  The Patriots have dominated the AFC East for a decade and if the Dolphins want to make up ground, it must begin this offseason.  The Patriots are simply a more talented team than the Dolphins in every aspect of the game.  The Dolphins weak WR corps couldn’t get open against the Pats DBs….The Dolphins OL couldn’t block the Patriots DL…..The Dolphins DBs couldn’t stay with the Patriots TEs and WRs.

The Dolphins don’t need a Tom Brady, but they’ll need Ryan Tannehill to improve this offseason.  They need to close that gap.  The Dolphins will also need Jeff Ireland to work some magic with that $50 mil in cap room and draft pick ammunition.  I know, I don’t have a lot of faith in that, but it is what it is at this point.  The Dolphins must use this offseason as a time to stockpile talented players.  This offseason can help close the gap between the Dolphins and the good teams in the NFL, without a practice snap taking place.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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