Dolphins’ Brandon Marshall Detained Over $142 Cab Ride

According to the South Florida Times, ┬áMiami Dolphins Wide Receiver, Brandon Marshall was involved in a cab fare dispute earlier in November. Apparently Marshall attended his Dolphins’ teammate, Karlos Dansby’s 30th birthday party and decided to take a cab home. First, let me say that’s good of Brandon, better to take a cab than to drive drunk. Did you hear that Brylon Edwards and Donte Stallworth?!

Marshall said he was very tired, found a cab and he was on his way….or so he thought. After falling asleep for some time, Marshall realized the driver was a bit lost and called him on it. The driver reportedly drove from the party to Miami, then to Fort Lauderdale….Apparently this is where things broke down. The exact communication between the Dolphins star receiver and the driver is not known. Marshall insists that he pleaded with the driver to take him home but grew frustrated and eventually got out of the cab….without paying his $142 fare. Marshall said he was trying to find a translator as the cab driver had a very thick accent. The driver insisted later that Marshall was trying to skip out on the fare. Marshall’s agent insists that Brandon is completely innocent of trying to skip out on the fare.

Marshall eventually found another cab and tried again to make his way home. The second driver received a call from dispatch, was told of the matter and instructed to find the nearest authorities to turn Marshall in. He did and Marshall was detained briefly, but would eventually be released. He then paid the fare owed to the first driver and apologized to the driver for the communication misunderstanding. The driver didn’t know Marshall was a football player for the Dolphins, he just thought someone was trying to rip him off.

The incident apparently happened shortly after the Dolphins win over the Redskins on November 13th. If Marshall was bothered by the incident, it hasn’t shown on the field. Marshall has dropped more than enough critical balls for the Dolphins, but his overall numbers are still pretty good (it’d be nice if he gave the Dolphins a few more TDs though!)

Like I said, I’m glad Brandon had the common sense NOT to drive home after drinking. But, with his reputation and reported temper, he probably got frustrated with the driver and simply got out of the cab. He should know better than that and it’s not like he doesn’t have the money. He signed a $47.5 million contract with the Dolphins last year. I’m sure he’s learned his lesson.

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