Dolphin’s car stolen at camp, 5 key camp battles, and how much free agency helped

The Dolphins have been back in action for 3 days now, so there is finally some Dolphins news for us to report.  In addition to PhinNation, a number of other Dolphins blogs have been busy writing stories too.  Since the season is back, so are our Miami Musings.  Here are some of the stories we’re reading about around the Dolphins blogosphere.

Miami Musings

Josh Samuda’s car ‘stolen’ –

As has become the tradition, the Miami Dolphins players practice hard, but they play hard off the field too.  Usually it’s rookies that get hazed by veterans, but last night we saw the Dolphins veterans playing tricks on a 2nd year player, Josh Samuda.  ThePhinsider breaks down the prank, so we won’t spoil it for you.  Let’s just say that Samuda’s car was ‘stolen’

Reader Rants –

We have received a lot of interest in having readers become a more active part of PhinNation……and we could not agree more!  You guys and girls are great with leaving thoughtful comments and engaging in discussion.  However, we want to give you a platform to ‘rant’ about topics that you find interesting (or frustrating) regarding the Dolphins.  We will have a special ‘Reader Rants’ tab at the top of PhinNation soon.

If you want to submit a post for a Reader Rant, simply type it up and email it to  If your post is published, it will be viewed by thousands of Dolphins fans and will also be published on and the Dolphins’ page!  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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