Dolphins coaching mistakes have lost games, playoff positioning

Dolphins fans, if you are a defender or fan of Joe Philbin, you might just want to move on to the next post on  When Joe Philbin was hired, I hoped that he would bring an exciting offense (and QB) that we saw him develop in Green Bay.  Unfortunately, the Dolphins offense has been less than stellar.  In fact, after over a year and a half in Miami, the Dolphins Philbin/Sherman offense is ranked 28th in the NFL.  That wouldn’t be so terrible if the NFL had 100 teams, but since there are only 32 teams, 28th isn’t very good… all.

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I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while, but due to a very hectic couple of weeks, I haven’t had time.  Well today, I do.  Let’s just put aside the fact that Jeff Ireland is not very good at GM’ing and the players are not developing at all under this coaching staff (in fact, some are regressing).   The Dolphins coaches, mainly Philbin and Sherman, have cost the Dolphins games.  And when the Dolphins are tied with 5 other teams for the last wild card spot at 5-6, even turning 2 of those games around would put them in a great position to make the playoffs.  Again, I fully understand that the players must play the game.  BUT, it is the coaches job’s to put them in the best position to win.  And right now, I have zero confidence that Philbin’s coaching staff is doing that.

Would you like some examples?  Oh, I’ve got more than a few examples.  With the exception of the New Orleans game, which I contend was the toughest game on the schedule, the Dolphins coaching staff can be blamed (at the very least PARTLY, for losses).

Loss to Baltimore 26-23 – The Dolphins were driving late in this game and got the ball down to the Ravens 34 yard line with about 57 seconds left.  That’s field goal range (we’d hope) for Sturgis.  Why did the coaches feel the need to waste a down and spike the ball with almost a minute left?  Why limit your chances of improving your field goal position by 33%?  Ultimately, the Dolphins next 2 plays would result in losses of 6 yards and a failed 57 yard field goal attempt.  If the Dolphins got it to the 34 with 30 seconds or less left, it makes more sense.  The Dolphins might have ultimately lost in overtime, but the coaching staff did not put them in the best position to move closer and kick a more manageable field goal.  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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