Dolphins Division: Dolphins facing must win against Titans

New York Jets (3-5 overall, 2-2 division)

The New York Jets were off last week following their thrashing at the hands of the Dolphins.  The Jets coaches are reported to have huddled and come up with some new schemes.  But Rex Ryan won’t tell anyone what they are, but we’re sure they are great.  On a side note, Rex Ryan was ranked as the most overrated coach in the NFL.  That brought a smile to my face :)  Anyway, the Jets head to Seattle (5-4) this weekend to take on the Seahawks.  This is a game that the Jets need to win in the worst way, but it will be difficult.  Travelling across the country and playing in that hostile environment will not be easy.  I could easily see the Jets falling to 3-6 after this one.

Buffalo Bills (3-5 overall, 0-2 division)

The Buffalo Bills put up a valiant fight against the Houston Texans last week, but still lost 20-9.  The Bills are in disarray and really don’t have an identity.  They have a quarterback that is wildly inconsistent and a defense that is not playing up to it’s potential.  This week, the Bills must head to Foxboro to take on the Patriots, in a game that Buffalo has little chance of winning.  There are still 8 games left, but the Bills, who many picked as a surprise team in 2012, might have to start looking forward to 2013.

Overall, I see the Patriots ultimately winning this division by a couple of games at something like 11-5.  It would be great if the Dolphins could challenge them, but it would likely take the Dolphins sweeping the Patriots in their head to head matchups and winning the games they should win along the way.  I just don’t see that happening.  The only realistic path (if any) the Dolphins have to making the playoffs will be via the Wild Card.

The Dolphins are currently tied with the Chargers at 4-4 and 1 game behind the Colts and Steelers (both 5-3).  In case you’re wondering (and I know you are), the Chargers play @ Tampa Bay, the Colts are @ Jacksonville, and the Steelers host the Chiefs this weekend.  Since the Colts and Steelers both have very winnable games, the Dolphins are essentially facing a must win against the Titans on Sunday.

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