Dolphins Division: Jets and Bills jump out to early lead in AFC East

The Miami Dolphins had a chance to make a statement against the Jets last Sunday.  With just one Dan Carpenter field goal, this week would have been a whole lot brighter because the Dolphins would have been tied for the lead in the AFC East.  Instead, they are in the basement.  However, the basement has another tenant and it’s not the one we expected at this point in the season.  Again, I know it’s early, but it’s never to early to check in on what the other teams in the AFC East are up to (because we like to root against them all, you see):

New York Jets (2-1 overall, 2-0 division)

The rotten stinking Jets played like complete trash on Sunday, but still managed to leave Miami with a win.  The Jets are in trouble this season and not just because they lost their best player (Darrelle Revis) for the season to an ACL injury….The Jets suck because their quarterback sucks.  Mark Sanchez is the most accurate quarterback in the NFL….I’m not just saying that because I hate the Jets, look it up.  His inaccuracy was on display on Sunday against the Dolphins when we saw him missing open receivers left and right.  Granted, Tannehill wasn’t much better, but he’s a rookie and will improve.

The Jets beat the Dolphins in a game that neither team deserved to win. The Jets were just lucky that Carpenter missed his game winning field goal and Nick Folk made his.  Despite the outcome, both teams are flawed, but one kicker making their kick makes one team 2-1 and the other 1-2.  This week, the Jets host the San Francisco 49ers (2-1).  The 49ers are pissed too, because they were handed a beat down by the Vikings on Sunday.  If I were a betting man, and judging by my 0-4 record last week in Pitiful Picks, I shouldn’t be…..But if I were, I’d bet as much as I could on the 49ers this week.

Buffalo Bills (2-1 overall, 0-1 in division)

The Bills were throttled by the Jets in week one.  Then, they beat up on the Chiefs (who stink) in week two.  In week three, the Bills took advantage of another bad team, the Cleveland Browns.  The Bills are not that good, but right now, they’re 2-1.  This week, they’ll get a real test, as they host the New England Patriots.  The Bills could prove a lot of early season doubters (including me) wrong if they upset the Pats.  It won’t be easy because the Pats are coming off of 2 straight losses and have a bitter taste in their mouths from the Baltimore game on Sunday night.  Good luck Bills!  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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