Dolphins Fans Uniting to Get GM, Jeff Ireland Fired!

Some Miami Dolphins fans will love this, some will hate it.  Either way, a portion of the Dolphins fan base are trying to make their voices heard. has started a movement to let Dolphins Owner, Stephen Ross, know exactly how they feel about keeping Jeff Ireland as the Dolphins General Manager.  On New Years Day, prior to the Dolphins vs. Jets game, the plan is that a plane carrying the below message, will fly over the tailgate from 10am-12pm, prior to kickoff:

“Mr. Ross, Save Our Phins, Fire Ireland!”

To accomplish this feat, the guys over at FinsNation were asking for support in the way of donations.  It didn’t take long for them to reach their goal of $1,500.  After only 5 hours of the donation link being open, they reached their goal.  If you think that something like this won’t work, you may be right.  BUT, the people in Denver bought billboard space to express their desire to have Tim Tebow play.  That was in September…How’d that work out for John Fox and the Broncos?  We’ll be sure to pass along all video and images taken of the plane flying over Sun Life Stadium.

If you think Ireland should stay as Dolphins GM, simply laugh it off and move on.  We wanted to pass this news along because, as you can tell, we don’t think Jeff Ireland has done a very good job as Dolphins GM.  He’s had mediocre draft classes, more free agent flops than finds, and he’s ‘built’ a Dolphins team that has lost at least 9 games in each of the last 3 seasons.

Obviously the Dolphins owner thinks that the subpar production on the field is a result of poor coaching, thus the firing of Tony Sparano.  But, was Tony the only problem with the team?  Has Ireland assembled enough talent to make the Dolphins a competitive, playoff team?  Personally, I don’t think so.  But everyone is entitled to their opinion.  The most glaring issue that I have with Ireland is that he failed to bring in a quality, young quarterback.  He’s had 4 years and has failed to do so…mostly because the Dolphins thought Henne could be that guy.  Well, Henne is a free agent after this season and probably won’t be back with the Dolphins next year.

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