Dolphins fleece Raiders in trade up for Dion Jordan…what’s next?

The Miami Dolphins shocked everyone when they traded up to the #3 pick with the Oakland Raiders.  As soon as the trade up happened, everyone assumed it was for left tackle, Lane Johnson of Oklahoma.  The next big surprise was when commissioner Roger Goodell announced: “With the 3rd pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins select, Dion Jordan, defensive end, Oregon”.  I saw watching this all unfold and was literally speechless.  The Dolphins made a very bold move, draft a player that many have compared to Jason Taylor.  I thought I was dreaming and literally pinched myself.  Then, unimaginable fear overcame me……WHAT DID THEY GIVE UP TO GET HIM?!?!

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According to the often used NFL Trade Value chart, the Dolphins move from #12 to #3 should have cost them two 2nd round picks.  Instead, the Dolphins moved up 9 spots and surrendered only the #42 pick to do so.  Whether or not you love the pick of Dion Jordan, you can’t deny that the Dolphins essentially moved up into the top 3 for half the price of what it would normally cost.  The Raiders wanted out of the top 3 so badly and needed extra picks so badly, that they made a good deal (for the Dolphins).

According to Jeff Ireland, he called the Raiders with about 5 minutes left on the clock for the #3 pick.  He didn’t say what he offered at the time, but the Raiders didn’t bite.  We assume it was probably pick #54 or maybe even a 3rd rounder.  It didn’t take the Raiders long to think about it, as they called back a minute later asking for pick #42…..only pick #42.  Ireland realized the value and pulled the trigger.

On ESPN, the ‘experts’ all speculated that the Dolphins were moving up to draft Lane Johnson.  I wasn’t so sure considering Armando Salguero’s sources have been saying that they didn’t value Johnson as highly as Joeckel or Fisher at left tackle.  Then, when the pick was made, the ‘experts’ talked about how little Jordan played on the line of scrimmage and how his production was down.  Really?  Those same experts had him mocked to the Jaguars at #2 or to the Eagles at #4, but because the Dolphins traded up and got him, he’s not worth it?  In their own words: C’mon maaaan!  The NFL Network crew had a much better opinion of the pick.  They used words like ‘game-changer’ that loves football, loves to practice.  They did caution that the Dolphins must have a plan to get a new left tackle.  (CLICK HERE, continued on page 2)

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