Dolphins Gameplan: Attack! Attack! Attack!

For 2 weeks, the Miami Dolphins have been thinking about nothing but improving their record to 4-3.  In fact, the Dolphins have been thinking about getting revenge on the Jets since they lost to them in overtime a month ago in Miami. This week, the emotions of this game spilled into the press as both sides took shots at the other. The Jets started the verbal barbs and it appears that Mike Pouncey finished it.  Now, we move on and await the rematch of these two teams that clearly do not like one another.

With a win, the Dolphins will improve to 4-3 and even their division record at 1-1.  With a little help from the Rams in London against the Patriots, the Dolphins could even find themselves in first place on Monday morning.  A win would also send the loudmouth Jets into their bye week with a record of 3-5, 2-2 in the division.  A win would essentially put another nail in the Jets season.  If the Dolphins lose, they’ll fall to 3-4 overall, 0-2 in the division and will fall behind the Jets in the division.  So even though it’s still October, this is a very important game for both teams.  Here’s what the Dolphins need to do to win:

Play with Fire

According to Omar Kelly, the Dolphins are still pissed about the Jets purposely aiming for Davone Bess’ knee in the season finale last season.  Bess was knocked out of the game and suffered a partially torn ACL/MCL.  Add that anger to the Dolphins losing to the Jets in overtime a month ago AND all of the trash talking from this week, and you have one pissed off Dolphins team.  The Dolphins must take that aggression onto the football field on Sunday.  The Dolphins must stay in control and use their anger effectively.  We don’t need to see Richie Incognito getting flagged again for unnecessary roughness.  The Dolphins much keep their emotions under control, while playing with fire through the whistle.

I would think that LaRoid Landry has a bulls-eye on his back on Sunday.  You can be sure that the Dolphins offensive line will be chomping at the bit to get to the second tier of the defense to take their shot on Landry.  I wouldn’t want to be Landry or Aaron Maybin (if he finds his way to the field) because big Jorvorskie Lane is pissed too.  Lane is a HUGE man and will be looking to lay a nightmare block on someone on Sunday.  Lane said on Thursday that the Jets wanting to ‘knock him (Reggie Bush) out” made it ‘personal’.  Good luck Jets defenders.  With all that’s gone on, I can’t see the Dolphins coming out flat in this game.  They’ll come out pissed off looking to make a statement.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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