Dolphins Gameplan: Attack! Attack! Attack!

Free Reggie!

Reggie Bush has been in the middle of the trash talking firestorm.  He was the one who the Jets targeted in week 3 and they’re openly talking about knocking him out of the game again.  He’s also the one that said ‘what goes around, comes around’ in reference to Darrelle Revis’ season ending injury.  The Jets will be looking to make big hits on the Dolphins running back, so he must be ready.  Reggie has had 2 weeks to rest his injured knee and he says that he’s as healthy as he can be at this point in the season.  The Dolphins must get the ground game going again.  They’ve dropped to #11 in the NFL in rushing after being at #2 earlier this season.

The Jets rushing defense isn’t good. ranking #30 in the NFL allowing 147.7 yards per game and 4.6 yards per carry.  With emotions running high, I expect the Dolphins offensive line to make a statement in this game.  If they win the battles in the trenches and create some room for Reggie Bush, I think he’s in for a big day.  The Jets rush defense may be missing a couple of key players too.  DT Sione Pouha was limited in practice on Thursday due to an injury and DT Kenrick Ellis did not practice.  If either or both of those players are unable to play, the Dolphins must attack the Jets on the ground and could rack up 200 yards on the ground.

Exploit the Blitz

Ryan Tannehill has proved this year that he is good under pressure.  He’s one of the top rated quarterbacks in the NFL when he’s blitzed by the opposing defense (5 or more rushers).  The Jets love to blitz and create havoc on an offense.  However, Tannehill has seen all of the tape and has already played against the Jets once this season.  Rex Ryan, for all of his foot fetish ways, is a good defensive coach.  He’ll try to confuse Tannehill, but I believe Tannehill will be ready.  He’s had 2 weeks to study for this game and will be prepared.

The key will be for the Dolphins to attack the Jets defense when they blitz him.  That means the Dolphins offensive line, tight ends, and running backs, must give Tannehill enough time to find open receivers down field.  The Jets are without Darrelle Revis, which limits what they can do.  With Revis, the Jets played a lot of man coverage, trusting Revis on his ‘island’ with a receiver and blitzing as many people as possible.  Without Revis, the Jets are playing much more zone coverage.  (cont’d on page 3, click below)

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