Dolphins Gameplan: Back to basics for Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins may be on a short week, but if you listen to the Dolphins’ players, they’re anxious to get back on the field.  After a humiliating spanking on Sunday, the Dolphins can’t wait to get back on the field to show the rest of the NFL that the team that showed up Sunday, wasn’t really them.  Kevin Burnett said “let’s play football, see what you’re made of’ when asked how the team will respond.  Chris Clemons called the game a ‘must win’.  Nolan Carroll suggested that the Dolphins might have become complacent and started believing the hype surrounding them.  None of the talk matters tomorrow night.  With the Dolphins weak playoff chances on life support, the team needs a win, anyway….anyhow.

To beat the Bills, the Dolphins will need to get back to basics.  Run the football effectively…..Control the clock….Limit turnovers….Stop the run.  Pretty simply, right?  The Dolphins coaching staff have a tough challenge this week because time was limited.  It seems as though opponents have figured the Dolphins out a bit, especially rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill.  With 9 games in the books, opposing teams know what to expect from the Dolphins on offense and defense.  They must adjust accordingly. Most importantly, they must execute properly and that all starts with fundamentals.  Here’s the Dolphins gameplan for game 10 against the Bills, along with our official prediction:


The Dolphins need to man up and push the Bills defensive line around to establish their running game.  Reggie Bush, Daniel Thomas, and Lamar Miller need to hit the holes and accelerate to the second level of the defense.  For the Dolphins to win, they will need to run the ball effectively.  Doing this will help them control the clock and will create favorable down and distance on 3rd downs for Ryan Tannehill.  Controlling the clock will also help keep the Dolphins, recently dreadful, defense off the field.  The Bills defense is giving up 5.5 yards per carry to opposing rushers.  The Dolphins must take advantage of this and run the football effectively, giving their offense the balance it has lacked the last 2 weeks.

Tannehill must adapt

Ryan Tannehill has played better this season than his numbers indicate.  However, opposing defenses are catching on and the Titans gave other teams a blue print for how to play him.  The Titans only blitzed 25% of the time on Sunday, forcing Tannehill to throw into a crowded secondary.  He must adjust.  He also must make better decisions on 3rd down.  On 3rd down this season, Tannehill has thrown zero touchdowns and 6 interceptions.  Part of this burden falls on the Dolphins rushing game, as they must help Tannehill stay out of 3rd and long situations.

If Tannehill is going to be the quarterback we all hope and think he will become, he needs to adjust to what NFL defenses are doing to defend him.  If his knee is healthy, as he said this week, we can only hope that he uses his athleticism more moving forward.  He does a good job of avoiding the rush and feeling pressure in the pocket.  BUT, if no one is open down field, he should be ready to make a play with his legs and take off and run (like we saw Jake Locker do last week).  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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