Dolphins Gameplan: Protect Tannehill and control the clock

The Miami Dolphins have an extra day to prepare (and heal) before traveling to New Orleans to take on the 3-0 Saints.  The Dolphins coaching staff had better come up with a solid game plan because this game will not be an easy one.  Heading to New Orleans is never easy because they have Drew Brees and the #6 offense in the NFL.  What’s worse?  The Saints also have the #4 defense in the NFL, thanks to Rob Ryan.

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That’s right, Rob Ryan (The foot fondler’s brother), has the Saints defense playing really well.  The Dolphins are currently 5.5 point underdogs because the game is being played in the Superdome and because the Dolphins have a lot of injury questions.  Want some good news?  Paul Soliai and Cameron Wake both practiced on a limited basis on Wednesday.  We’ll see how much they participate on Friday, but the fact that they’re both practicing is a good sign.

So what do the Dolphins have to do to come away with a win and improve to 4-0?  First, they need to protect Ryan Tannehill.  Then, they need to run the ball to control the pace of the game……they need to create pressure on Drew Brees…..and they need to figure out how to contain Jimmy Graham.

Protect Tannehill

This is getting ridiculous.  It seems like every week, I’m typing the same key to the game.  The problem is that the Dolphins offensive line isn’t getting better.  After allowing 9 sacks through 2 game, the Dolphins yielded another 5 sacks last week against the Falcons.  I’ve heard a lot of people say that Tannehill is simply holding the ball too long.  BUT, as Chris Kouffman points out here, Tannehill gets rid of the ball quicker thank most other QBs in the NFL.

Last week, the Dolphins did a better job of using scheme to help protect Tannehill, but it still wasn’t good enough. The Saints have 8 sacks through 3 games, so they’re averaging just under 3 per game.  The line is important and must improve, but the Dolphins receivers also must find a way to get open more quickly.  Tannehill is not going to last the entire season if he keeps getting hit/sacked like he has for the first 3 weeks.  PROTECT HIM!  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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