Dolphins Gameplan: Protecting the football is key to Dolphins victory

Defense must be stingy

The Dolphins did a good job against the Bills on 3rd down and in the red zone.  In fact, they kept the Bills offense out of the end zone despite allowing them in the red zone for 4 tries.  The Dolphins 3rd down defense was bad against the Colts and bad against the Titans.  They must get off the field when 3rd and long opportunities present themselves.  We all watch the games and know how frustrating it is to see a team convert on 3rd and 11, right?  It deflates the defense even more than it pisses us off!  The Dolphins must make the most of their chances and tighten up on defense on 3rd down.

They must continue their stingy ways when the Seahawks enter the red zone too.  The Seahawks rank #27 in the NFL in yards per game on offense….the Dolphins’ offense ranks #29, by the way.  The Seahawks rookie QB has a QB rating over 90, which means he’s efficient with the football and can make plays down the field.  Wilson is a good athlete, so the Dolphins must prepare for rollouts, boots, and waggles, especially in the red zone.  The Dolphins must limit the Seahawks to field goal opportunities and not allow them to put up 7.

Play with some pride

For cryin’ out loud, Dolphins, win a freaking home game!  The last time the Dolphins were in front of their fans at home, they were getting boed off the field and losing to the Titans (who still stink), 37-3.  It’s time for the Dolphins to play with a little pride.  The offense can’t possibly be as bad as they’ve looked in the last 3 games. And the defense can’t be as bad as the one that allowed a rookie QB to throw for more yards than any other rookie QB, ever…..and that same defense that allowed the Titans Jake Locker to pick them apart with his arm and his legs.

Seriously, forget about any playoff possibilities….For one Sunday, play like your hair is on fire….run around like crazy men for 3 hours….hit somebody and make them remember it….knock the man you’re blocking on his butt….throw the ball in that tight window…..make that tough catch over the middle….run with some freaking authority…..Just play with some damn emotion and pride fellas!

We’ll have our official prediction on Sunday morning, but I have to say that I’m leaning towards the Dolphins, even though I have absolutely no reason to have faith in them.  I know Joe Philbin doesn’t like losing and I know that he hasn’t slept much in the last week.  I think we’ll see some new wrinkles on offense and I really can’t emphasize how tough it will be for the Seahawks to travel cross-country to play a 1pm EST game.  I think it’s a close game, but right now I’m leaning ever-so-slightly towards the Dolphins.  We’ll see if I can talk myself out of it by Sunday morning!

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