Dolphins Gameplan: Run Reggie Run is key versus Jets

Be Ready for Tebow

The Tony Sparano led Dolphins gave birth to Tebowmania last year when the Broncos came from 15 points down in the 4th quarter to beat the Dolphins in overtime.  This year, the Jets have Tebow on their team, but he hasn’t been used that much.  In fact, the Jets were criticized quite a bit this week because of their lack of Tebow use.  I suspect that Tony Sparano plans to unleash some of his secret Tebow package against the Dolphins.  If the Jets struggle to run the ball, which I expect they well, I believe Tebow will get an increased role to open things up.

Tebow has yet to attempt a pass this season, but the Dolphins must be ready for it.  As inaccurate as he is, if the Dolphins completely ignore the Jets receivers when Tebow is in, the opportunity for a big play might be there.  I’m sure the Dolphins defense spent plenty of time preparing for the TebowCat package this week.  What worries me is the unexpected things that Tebow and Sparano have up their sleeves.

Protect Ryan Tannehill

Even if the Dolphins run the ball well, there will be occasions when Ryan Tannehill will need to come up with a big play or a big throw.  The key will be for the Dolphins offensive line and running backs to pick up pass rushers.  Tannehill is a smart quarterback, who makes fewer bad decisions than the average rookie quarterback.  BUT, he’s going to see things from the Jets defense on Sunday that are unlike anything he’s seen before.  The Dolphins pass blocking must pick up the blitzes and give Tannehill enough time to make the proper read and decision.

The great thing about Tannehill is his athleticism.  If the Jets are continually bringing 5-6 men on each passing play, Tannehill will have opportunities to avoid that rush and take off.  When the Jets bring extra blitzers, they will leave the middle of the field open for big plays.  Tannehill must create extra time with his legs to allow those big plays to unfold.

This is going to be a great game as these teams appear to be evenly matched.  Check back tomorrow morning for our official prediction on the game in our Pitiful Picks post that will be up around 8am.

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