Dolphins Gameplan: Run the ball & protect Ryan Tannehill

The Miami Dolphins are currently 1-0 and after watching the Thursday Night Football game, they have to think that the AFC East is wide open.  The Jets have their issues on offense, but their defense held Tom Brady and the misfits to just 13 points.  Maybe this is the year the Pats take a step back?  Or maybe they are just so depleted that it’s an illusion.  That’s why this week’s game against the Indianapolis Colts is important.  First, it gives the Dolphins a chance to keep pace with the Patriots.  Second, it gives them a chance to make a statement on the road against a good quarterback and a playoff team from last season.

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Remember, the Dolphins next 3 games after the Colts are home versus the Falcons, at the Saints, and at home against the Ravens.  That is 3 tough games.  It would be nice to see the running game show up on Sunday and the defense continue to play well, before heading into that even tougher stretch.  If the Dolphins can find a way to get through these first 5 games at 3-2 or better, you’d have to be happy with that.

So what do the Dolphins have to do on Sunday to beat Andrew Luck and the Colts?   They need to run the ball, get to Luck, and protect Ryan Tannehill.  Here’s our gameplan for week 2:


Last week, the Dolphins might as well have abandoned the run altogether, midway through the 1st half.  It wasn’t working and in many cases, the Dolphins went backwards when they ran the ball.  The Dolphins gained a total of 20 yards on the ground against the Browns, which is almost hard to imagine in the NFL today.  The Dolphins rank dead last in rushing offense after week 1.  Meanwhile, the Colts rush defense is ranked 31st in the NFL after giving up 171 yards to the Raiders last week.

The Colts defense is not as stout as the Browns defense, as they rely more on speed than size in their front 7.  The Dolphins offensive line must do a better job of moving the line of scrimmage and opening at least some holes for the Dolphins running backs.  Lamar Miller needs to be more decisive and less hesitant when he gets the ball and Daniel Thomas needs to break some tackles.  Both had sub-par days last week and should be hungry to prove themselves this week.  Lamar Miller on the fast turf, should look a like a fuzzy blur on the TV screen if he gets the ball in the open field.  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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