Dolphins Gameplan: Running game vital to Dolphins success

Keep Tannehill Clean

Ryan Tannehill has proven his toughness to me, and I suspect to a number of other Dolphins fans.  Tannehill has taken some serious shots in the last few weeks.  The Dolphins offensive line must do a better job of protecting the rookie quarterback, giving him enough time to make his reads and go through his progressions.  Establishing the running game and mixing in some screens/draws, will keep the Titans defense honest.

Additionally, Tannehill moves pretty well in the pocket and is beginning to sense when pressure is around him, even if he can’t see it.  The Dolphins must keep Tannehill clean and prevent the Titans from getting hits on him  while in the pocket. The Titans are averaging less than 2 sacks per game, so their pressure shouldn’t scare the Dolphins.  Tannehill has a QB rating over 95 through his last 4 games.  He must continue to protect the football, but that should be made easier if he has time to throw the football.

Sure up the Pass Defense

Last week, Sean smith was the scapegoat for the Dolphins ineptitude when defending the passing game.  This week, they aren’t going up against Andrew Luck…..they’re facing Jake Locker, who’s returning from an injury.  Surprisingly, the titans have one of the more potent.  The Titans offense has a couple of quality receivers and they rank #17 in passing yards per game (229 yards per game).  It’s too late for the Dolphins to add players to help the secondary, so the pressure will be on defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle to mix up zone and man coverage to confuse Locker.  The Dolphins would be wise to use more nickel packages and rely on their defensive line and linebackers to stop the run.  Running the football effectively on offense will control the clock and will help protect the Dolphins greatest weakness….their pass defense.

Do something ‘Special’

The Dolphins Special Teams have been a pleasant surprise this year.  They’ve blocked a few kicks, blocked a punt and recovered it for a touchdown.  I’m looking for the Dolphins Special Teams unit to do a few ‘special’ things this weekend.  Maybe it’s a long return on a kickoff or a punt…..Maybe it’s Dan Carpenter hitting all of his field goal chances….Maybe it’s Brandon Fields continuing his success of pinning the ball deep in Titans territory and setting up the defense.  The Dolphins have been doing a great job of winning the field position battle.  Hopefully that will continue on Sunday.

Check back later today and throughout the weekend, as we will be attending the Dolphins Web Weekend.  Later today, we’ll give you the itinerary, which includes a tour of the facility and a charity project with the Dolphins Special Teams unit!

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