Dolphins halftime contest: Win $10,000 if you kick a 60 yard field goal….seriously

The Miami Dolphins have become the butt of many jokes in recent years and with the latest ‘stunt’ they are pulling, it’s becoming more difficult to stick up for them.  The Dolphins home opener is Sunday against the Raiders.  At halftime of the game, the Dolphins will three Dolphins fans a chance to win $10,000.  3 fans will be selected from a group of Dolphins fans that attended a free melanoma screening in June.

The catch?  The field goal is from SIXTY FREAKING YARDS AWAY!!!  Seriously, who not make it from 80 yards?  Why not make the fans throw the ball 100 yards while laying on their back.  The people have a better chance of tackling Jorvorskie Lane than they do of hitting this field goal.  What were the other suggestions?  Build an atomic bomb during the 20 minute halftime and you win a chance to fire it!  Prove Einstein’s theory of relativity?  Figure out why Snooki is still on TV?

Here are some of the best suggestions from Twitter for future Dolphins halftime promotions:

@ATLGreg1: Survive 100 yard swim through shark-filled tank#DolphinsHalftimeContests
@BaseyCrock: Sit in Joe Philbin’s chair. He will appear. Fight him to the death with nunchucks. #DolphinsHalftimeContests
@KLV760: Construct thermonuclear bomb, win photo opp with Nat Moore and TD.#DolphinsHalftimeContests
@BaseyCrockCatch a pass. Any pass. Could be from 2 ft. away. You get Naanee’s roster spot. #DolphinsHalftimeContests
@AdamNasello@KevinCMayer Cure melanoma cancer, win upper tickets to Rams game.#DolphinsHalftimeContests


Sadly, this is not a joke, the Dolphins will make 3 ‘lucky’ fans run out onto the field at half time and attempt a 60 yard field goal.  The NFL record, by the way for longest field goal EVER, is 63 yards.  So once the fans get their chance, kick the ball all of 20 yards sideways, they’ll return to their seats to watch the rest of the Dolphins game against the Raiders.  Nice little Sunday afternoon, right!?

In all honestly, the Dolphins try to do the right thing.  The Dolphins regularly have skin cancer screenings, which are great.  The Dolphins CFO Mark Brockelman lost his wife to melanoma, so it strikes particularly close to home with the team.  However, if you are going to have a contest, you have to at least make it somewhat realistic for the fans participating!

[UPDATE 4:00PM]  The Dolphins, after getting tortured on blogs, the radio, and Twitter, decided to move the field goal in to 40 yards.  Still not exactly easy, but at least the fans have a chance now.  The big question is, why not just make it a 40 yarder to begin with and save the team the embarrassment??

What do you think about this ridiculous idea?  Stop by the Phins Forum and let us know!