Dolphins Halloween costumes revealed!!

Happy Halloween Dolphins fans!  While we await the start of the Dolphins game tonight, we thought we’d brighten up your Halloween with a little treat.  We put our excellent (note the sarcasm) graphic design work to good use today and uncovered the Dolphins Halloween costumes.  Please keep in mind that this is all in good fun and considering the current state of the Dolphins, I think we could all use a laugh or two here.

Mike Scissorhands Wallace

Mike ‘Scissorhands’ Wallace (Reason: His hands may actually be made of scissors)

Tyson 'Turnstile' Clabo


Tyson ‘Turnstile’ Clabo (Reason: see 2013 season)


Jeff 'Einstein' Ireland

Jeff ‘Einstein’ Ireland (Reason: Because he’s a genius!)

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