Dolphins improving on offense, but losing Keller a serious blow

The Miami Dolphins are now only 2 preseason games away from the start of the regular season.  The Dolphins fell to 1-2 in the preseason, losing to the Houston Texans 24-17.  The fact that the Dolphins lost isn’t quite so terrible, especially if you consider they were tied at 7 when the Texans starting offense was pulled from the game.  Who knows what would’ve happened if they’d stayed in longer.

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The Dolphins offense is making a bad habit of starting slowly.  Poor pass protection and penalties resulted in 2 ugly drives to start the game on Saturday night.  But, the Dolphins offense rallied and started to show what could be, if they get consistent play from the offensive line.  The Dolphins defense played well and picked off Matt Schaub early in the game.  The Dolphins starters really only have one more game before Cleveland, since the final preseason game is usually reserved for guys fighting for the final roster spots.  Anyway, here’s what I liked and didn’t like about the game Saturday night versus the Texans:

What I liked

Ryan Tannehill - Like the rest of the offense, Tannehill needs to do a better job of getting off to a good start.  He needs to lead the offense better and make sure they aren’t making stupid mistakes (penalties, blown assignments, etc).  However, once he got going, Tannehill looked good.  He finished the day 10 of 15 for 141 yards, 1 TD and a QB Rating of 119.0.  What was most exciting was the Dolphins 1st touchdown drive when he found Mike Wallace 3 times, capping it with a TD.

Mike Wallace - As mentioned above, he had 3 catches that went for 58 yards on the Dolphins first TD drive.  That drive showed exactly what he can bring to the team.  He caught a couple of shorter passes and an over-the-shoulder 33 yard pass down the sideline.  Nice to see this connection making strides.

Brent Grimes – He’s had a phenomenal camp and he finally came up with the pick he’s been looking for.  Grimes picked of Matt Schaub in the 1st quarter on a nice, diving catch.  He’s been so good this preseason that opposing QBs haven’t been throwing the ball his way. (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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