Dolphins job won’t entice Cowher, according to Bettis

The Miami Dolphins have won their last two games, but that doesn’t change the fact that a new GM and Coach are needed to fix the organization.  On that note, it’s no secret that the Miami Dolphins are interested in Bill Cowher.  We told you last month about the reports of the Dolphins reaching out to Bill Cowher. Cowher dismissed the reports and said that he is not interested in returning to coaching, right now.  If you are asking yourself why we are talking about Cowher and the Dolphins Head Coaching job, it’s because Tony Sparano’s days are numbered.  Yes, the Dolphins have looked better of late, but they are not making the playoffs and will likely end up with 5 wins  or so (at most) at the end of the season.  As we said before, the Dolphins have gotten progressively worse under Sparano since 2008 (11-5, 7-9, 7-9, 2-7).  It would honestly take a miracle for him to return to Miami in 2012.

So what about Cowher?  Why are we bothering to bring his name up again, in November?  Well, one of his former players, Jerome Bettis, gave some insight into how Cowher might be thinking.  Bettis seems to think that Cowher is in no rush to return to coaching.  Bettis suggests that Cowher would only return to the sidelines if the situation is right…and by the right situation, Bettis means an established team that is not in rebuilding mode.  The problem with Cowher to the Dolphins is that all signs point to the Dolphins being just that, a team ready to rebuild.  Bettis thinks that Cowher would only return to a team that has a solid foundation and a franchise QB in place.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear the Dolphins have either at this point.

Bettis goes on to say that he doesn’t think that the Dolphins job would entice Cowher, because they have numerous ‘issues’, specifically because the Dolphins lack a franchise QB.  Bettis suggests that if Andy Reid were fired by the Eagles at the end of the year, that type of situation would be more along the lines of what Cowher is looking for.  The Dolphins, on the other hand, will likely (hopefully) draft a QB in the first round.  It will likely take that QB (any one not named Andrew Luck) time to develop…Cowher, according to Bettis, won’t be willing to wait to reap the rewards of a young Dolphins QB.

Bettis obviously knows Cowher very well, having played under him for so many years in Pittsburgh.  But, sources suggest that Cowher is starting to get the itch back to return to the NFL….and, there are only 32 head coaching positions available (probably only 3-4 openings this offseason).  I think an improving Dolphins defense, plus a top 5 draft pick (presumably used on a QB), combined with Carl Peterson being brought in as the VP/GM and a LARGE annual salary, could make the Dolphins job attractive to Cowher.  I’m not saying that Cowher would necessarily by my top choice, but it would not surprise me if he seriously considered the Dolphins despite their need to rebuild.

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