Dolphins midseason grades reveal some positives

The Miami Dolphins are halfway through the 2012 season and man, did it fly by!  The Dolphins are in a rebuilding year, though they won’t admit it.  Some areas of the team are a little ahead of schedule, while others are disappointing to Dolphins fans.  On Tuesday, we asked you to vote and let us know what your grades were.  We’ve counted all of the hanging chads and below we’ll give you our grades along with the PhinNation reader grades for comparison.

Governer Romney/President Obama

This is clearly and unscientific poll, but we were surprised to see that Mitt Romney won our informal poll.  He earned 52% of our readers votes compared to Mr. Obama’s 48%.  Obviously, we all know that Mr. Obama won the election and it appears he will ultimately win Florida.  Interesting.

Ryan Tannehill (PhinNation Readers – B, PhinNation Staff – B)

PhinNation readers gave the Dolphins rookie quarterback a B (70% of the vote).  He also received an A from 25% of our readers.  We believe that Tannehill has done some good things, but at times looks like a rookie, which is to be expected.  Currently Tannehill has more interceptions than touchdowns, but we suspect that will change by the end of the season.  After a rough start to the season, Tannehill has posted QB ratings of 86 and higher the last 4 games.  He’s shown the type of potential and improvement that lead us all to believe that he is the franchise QB we’ve been waiting for in Miami for a long time.  Tannehill has also shown excellent toughness. He is getting abused behind an offensive line that is suspect and yet he continues to get up after vicious hits.  This kid should only continue to get better.

Dolphins Offensive Line (PhinNation Readers – C, PhinNation Staff – C)

Once again, the PhinNation faithful agree with our grade, giving the Dolphins offensive line a C with 52% of the vote.  Surprisingly, 41% of you thought they deserved a B.  We believe a B might be too high because the line has struggled of late.  The Dolphins once potent running game has been slowed to a halt and Ryan Tannehill gets hit on a regular basis on passing plays.

Dolphins Running Backs (PhinNation Readers – B, PhinNation Staff – C)

We finally disagree, but not by much!  48% of you think the Dolphins running backs deserve a B, while 45% of you believe they deserve a C.  Early on, we thought the running game was awesome, but they have struggled since Reggie Bush injured his knee against the Jets. Reggie is still running pretty well, but he is dancing behind the line, which is leading to negative plays.  Daniel Thomas has been effective, but not that exciting.  We’d love to see more of Lamar Miller, but he’ll only get on the field if he fully understands the playbook and improves his pass blocking.

Dolphins Wide Receivers/Tight Ends (PhinNation Readers – C, PhinNation Staff – C)

Again we agree!  We were tempted to give the Dolphins WRs/TEs a D, but there have been some bright spots.  47% of you thought a C grade was appropriate, while 37% of you thought a B was appropriate.  We think a B is too generous.

Brian Hartline has played better than expected and Davone Bess remains a 1st down making machine.  The problem is the Dolphins have gotten very little out of any other receivers and their tight ends.  Anthony Fasano has been very good in some games, but disappears in others.  Charles Clay made a nice catch and run for a touchdown on Sunday, but that was his only catch.  The Dolphins need their WRs/TEs to help Ryan Tannehill more.  (cont’d on page 2, click below)

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