Dolphins’ Mike Sherman should be ‘Sherminated’


By Miami Jules (@Miami_Jules on Twitter)

There is a lot I like about Mike Sherman and yet I understand the best thing for the Miami Dolphins is for Sherman to be relieved of his play calling responsibilities. I was able to get an idea of what the new incoming offensive coordinator was like, as far as his personality was concerned, from last year’s HBO series “Hard Knocks”. I liked what I saw. Here was a man who embodied what I have to come to identify with as being a football coach. A man who displayed, at least in front of the rolling cameras, a healthy amount of “in-your-face-I’ll-tell-you-how-it-is-around-here” attitude, while at the same time showing an almost parental willingness to impart knowledge stemming from his vast experience and the logic of it all. Perfect! A player’s coach. A man with vision, discipline and a healthy amount of tough love. Mike Sherman was also able to put together game plans which maximized the strengths of his team, based on the players he had available to him.

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Why is it then that I would feel very strongly and advocate for relieving him of his play calling duties? Could it be that there was a mandate from higher ups for him to focus on making something work in order to justify acquisitions made during the off season, instead of allowing him to perform his job in its full capacity as a play caller and focus on what needed to be done.  Which is to blame for his troubles? The answer I came up with, after much pondering, was a resounding no.

A lot of fans agree, more than on any other issue affecting the Dolphins perhaps, that Mike Sherman needs to go, be terminated, fired, exiled, banned from the locker room, and the Dolphins training facility altogether.  But I wonder if we all have the same reasons in common?  I will try to illustrate mine. I know that there are those of us who share some of the same reasons why we need Sherman gone,  not all share the same perspective. (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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