Dolphins must change or changes will be made


By Miami Jules (@Miami_Jules)

The Miami Dolphins will be facing yet another crucial game this week, and as we look forward to the game, I thought I’d take a long hard look at: How I feel about the team going into the game; What they must do to win; and stay on the winning path to glory.

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I’ll Be Rooting The Phins on

Week after week, no matter who the Dolphins face, my heart, voice and body language will be saying GO Phins! There will be voices stemming from the intellectual and analytical side of my brain that will ever so quietly remind me not to dismiss bazaar and inexplicable behavior from the offensive coordinator’s box. These voices will remind me that in spite of the players’ most heroic efforts, as they sacrifice life, limb, their post-football quality of life, there could be a departure at anytime (usually in the 2nd half) from what has worked and almost like a sleepwalker walks off a roof, the Dolphins will go back to what lost each games for them in the past.  This happens no matter how well the game has been planned for by the coaching staff and how well this plan has been executed right down to each play by our gridiron heroes.

Mike Sherman

There are so many qualities about Mike Sherman I like as a coach. From his interaction with the players to his ability to put an effective game plan together, and yet, and as frustrating as it is, he continuously departs from what has worked in the 1st half of a game and goes on to call the type of formations and plays in the 2nd half of a game, that has  lost games each and every single time. (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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