Dolphins New Coach Search Will Be Filled with Competition

When late December and early January roll around, the Miami Dolphins will most likely be conducting a search for a new Head Coach.  It’s clear that Tony Sparano will not be able to lead the Dolphins to the playoffs this season, which will ultimately lead to his dismissal.  It’s also likely that the Dolphins will be looking for a new GM to replace Jeff Ireland (hopefully).  Towards the end of the Dolphins 0-7 start to 2011, it became a daily rumor that Sparano would be fired.  Remember all of the “Dolphins reach out to Cowher” talk?  Sparano putting his house on the market?  Truth is, Sparano was probably 1-2 losses away from being fired in-season.  At that point, there were only a couple of other places that looked like they’d be in the market for a head coach: Jacksonville, Minnesota, and possibly St. Louis.

Now?  There are more jobs that could become available in addition to those places.  San Diego has lost 6 straight games after starting 4-1.  Norv Turner’s conservative philosophy cost him the game yesterday against the Broncos and may ultimately end up costing him his job.  Before the season, many thought the Chargers would run away with the AFC West, as they had a talent laden roster.  Entering week 13, it appears Norv Turner may be on the unemployment line.  Joining Turner MIGHT be Andy Reid of the Eagles.  The Architect and Contractor of the Dream Team appears to have lost his Eagles team and the fan base.  There were chants yesterday at Lincoln Financial Field of ‘Fire An-dy’.  After 13 season in Philadelphia, THIS might be his most disappointing effort yet.  Then there is the New York Giants job….WHAT?  Yes, you read that right.  I believe that if the Giants fail to make the playoffs, Tom Coughlin will be out as the Giants Coach.  The Giants started the season 6-2, but currently sit at 6-4 and have games against the Saints (tonight) and the Packers in the next 2 weeks.  Another collapse could spell the end of Coughlin’s reign in NYC.

So why are we telling you about potential openings in San Diego, Philadelphia, and New York?  Because openings in those cities could directly impact the Dolphins coaching search.  Why?  Because all 3 of those cities have established QBs and a solid talent base on their rosters.  The Dolphins, meanwhile, only have QB Matt Moore under contract for 2012.  If you were Bill Cowher, Jeff Fisher, or Jon Gruden and you wanted to get back into the NFL, would you pick one of those jobs over the Dolphins job?   Make no mistake about it, the Dolphins job will be enticing to potential coaches, but there will certainly be some competition.

Stephen Ross WANTS one of those big name coaches and he’s willing to spend big to get one of them.  Are they the best option to turn the Dolphins back into a winning franchise?  We’ll see.  There is also the possibility that the Dolphins could look for a young, hungry assistant coach (there are a few to keep an eye on).  Again, time will tell.  All we can hope for at this point is that when the coaching carousel stops, the Dolphins will have a coach that fits the talent that is currently on the team.  Hopefully whomever that coach ends up being, can put an end to the mediocrity that has surrounded the Dolphins franchise for far too long.

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