Dolphins new jersey style leaked?

4-23-13 UPDATE: This post was written 3 weeks ago, Click here for the CONFIRMED Dolphins uniforms.

The Dolphins might have let their new logo slip out earlier than they wanted to.  But, they are trying to keep their new helmet and jerseys under wraps for as long as possible.  They are hoping to have a grand unveiling on the day of the Draft, April 25th.   Well, it seems that some one within the organization seems to have not gotten that memo.  Earlier today on Twitter (from @JCCampbell1), I saw the below mockup of the Dolphins new uniform.  Then, Ben Volin included it in his latest blog post.

Photo by @JCCampell1 via Twitter

Photo by @JCCampell1 via Twitter

Volin addresses this new jersey by saying the following:

“But we’ve been told by good authority what the uniforms look like (they’re tentatively going to be revealed on April 25, the same day as the first round of the NFL Draft). And let’s just say that you should get used to this look”

This is a mockup from a fan, based on what we’ve all heard about the new uniforms.  However, Volin essentially confirms that this is, in fact, what the new uniform will look like.  Volin also had a few pictures of helmet mockups:

Photo Courtesy of @Solfins via Twitter

Photo Courtesy of @Solphins via Twitter

While I’m still getting used to the new logo, I have to say that I REALLY like the look of the uniforms.  I was hoping the Dolphins would return to a uniform similar to the one that was worn on Thanksgiving a few years back…..and it appears that it has.  I like the ‘old school’ stripes on the top of the helmet and the clean look of the jersey.

As I’ve said before, we can all get excited about the Dolphins rebranding, but our faith in the team will ultimately come down to how well they do next year.  Can Ryan Tannehill take the next step given all of the improvements made around him?  Can Lamar Miller be an every down running back?  Can Mike Wallace bring the type of production we saw in Pittsburgh, to Miami?  Can Cameron Wake continue to be a dominant force on the defensive line?  All questions that will not be answered for about 5 months.  But, it’s still pretty cool to see the excitement growing within the Dolphins fan base!

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