Dolphins new uniforms REVEALED

The Miami Dolphins are planning on unveiling their new uniforms this Thursday night, just before the 2013 NFL draft gets started.  The Dolphins plan to have players like Cameron Wake and Ryan Tannehill model the new uniforms as a grand unveiling to the world. Yes, we know what the logo and the helmet will look like, but what about the jerseys and uniforms?  Well, moments ago, @UniWatch sent this out on Twitter:

I know there might be some skeptics out there, but his looks legit.  First, there are both the Dolphins and Jaguars uniforms on display.  Second, the same twitter user leaked the Jaguars helmet and uniform before the unveiling earlier today.  So, we can reasonably assume that this is what the Dolphins aqua and white jerseys will look like.

I really like the old school look of the uniforms.  They remind me of the uniforms the Dolphins wore about 10 years ago on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys.  (I know some of you love it, but I’m still getting used to the new logo!).  Interested to know what you guys think, please cast your vote in our poll below:

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