Dolphins Ochocinco tells Goodell he’ll be a problem this year….

When the Miami Dolphins signed Chad Ochocinco, they were hoping that the former Pro Bowler could regain his glory days in Cincinnati.  I would guess the Dolphins were NOT hoping the Chad Ochocinco ‘swagger’ to return.  Chad has always been a fun loving guy who is said to be a good teammate.  BUT, the Ochocinco shenanigans can be a bit much at times.  Some might argue that his lack of ‘swagger’ in New England had a lot to do with his ineffectiveness.  Well, if the return of his swagger will help him produce for the Dolphins, I’m for it.  If it doesn’t, it could turn out to be a huge distraction.

Yesterday, Chad tweeted to the NFL commissioner:

@nflcommish Dad… I love u but I will be a problem this year.. all fine money this year can be collected from @MiamiDolphins 

Funny, yes.  But the thing that worries me is that Chad’s antics could lead to 15 yard penalties, which hurt the Dolphins.  If he wants to say stuff off the field and get fined, so be it.  BUT, if his end zone celebrations (let’s hope there are more than a few) lead to 15 yard penalties, it’s not going to go over so well with the Dolphins coaches.

If you aren’t following Chad on Twitter (@ochocinco), I’d highly recommend it.  I will warn you that he sometimes uses profanity.  Yesterday he was talking about breaking into the Dolphins practice bubble with Ryan Tannehill to practice.  Today he was asked to appear (via twitter) on Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio…..He declined and they ripped him for the above tweet at the commissioner.  Chad replied ‘F–U @mikeandmike”.

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