Dolphins Offense is the key to a win over the Bucs

The Miami Dolphins haven’t played a football game in 11 days and with all of the craziness that the last week has brought, it’s about time!  The Dolphins return to the field tonight to take on the Bucs in Tampa Bay.  The Bucs are 0-8, but if you look at their games and statistics more closely, you’ll see that they will be a tough matchup for the Dolphins.

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The question that everyone is asking is how the Dolphins will respond to all of the drama surrounding the Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin situation.  Will the effects of being under the media microscope hurt the Dolphins ability to focus and play?  Or will the team come out and play as a united team in an ‘us against the world’ moment?  We’ll know after tonight’s game.

Did you know that the Bucs lost to the Saints, Seahawks, and Jets by a total of 6 points?  Just last week they took the 9-1 Seahawks to overtime, in Seattle (a place they don’t lose).  So yeah, this Bucs team is not going to be a pushover on Monday Night.  The Bucs offense is their weakness, so the Dolphins Defense needs to keep them under control AND force some turnovers.

The Dolphins Offense, however, will be the key to this game.  Why?  Because the Bucs better side of the football is their defense.  The Bucs are allowing just 108 yards per game on the ground, while the Dolphins running game is averaging under 100.  The Dolphins running game has looked better in recent weeks, so if they want to win this game they’ll need that trend to continue.   (continued on page 2, with our prediction for the game, CLICK HERE)


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