Dolphins playoff chances helped and hurt by week 17 schedule


Dolphins fans, I know how you’re feeling.  You’re still in shock that our favorite football team was manhandled on Sunday.  The offensive line almost got Ryan Tannehill killed…..the defense gave up over 200 yards on the ground…..the offense gained a total of 103 yards… was a pathetic display of football.  However, in just a few days, the Dolphins could give us all a late Christmas present.  BUT, the Dolphins will not be able to deliver this gift themselves….they’ll need some help from an elf from a distant city.

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That’s right, the Dolphins will need help to qualify for the postseason.  In fact, all 4 teams still alive for the #6 seed in the AFC will need help to get into the playoffs.  That means no team can simply win and they’re in.  The Dolphins, Ravens, Chargers, and Steelers each need to win and then need to get some help.  We’re going to break down all of the scenarios, but just know that the Dolphins need to win, or they are mathematically eliminated from the postseason race.  Actually, the only team of these 4 that can lose and still make the postseason is the Ravens.  If all 4 teams lose, the Ravens win the 6th seed.  If all 4 teams win, the Dolphins win the 6th seed.  Crazy, huh?  Let’s dive in (but I’m not getting into what happens in the event of a tie game)!

Here’s what needs to happen for each of the 4 contenders to make the playoffs:

Dolphins – Win AND Ravens Loss OR Chargers Win

Ravens – Win AND Dolphins Loss OR Chargers Loss OR Losses by Chargers, Dolphins, and Steelers

Chargers – Win AND Dolphins Loss AND Ravens Loss

Steelers – Win AND Losses by Chargers, Dolphins, and Ravens


Now, let’s take a look at the important games and what they mean to each team:

1:00pm – Jets @ Dolphins

The Dolphins obviously need to win to get into the playoffs.   A loss and they are eliminated.  The Jets are playing to spoil the Dolphins season and potentially save their head coach’s job.  If the Jets win this game, they eliminate the Dolphins and leap-frog them to finish 2nd in the AFC East.  For the Dolphins, just focus on beating the Jets and pray that either the Bengals or Chargers can pick up a win.  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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