Dolphins should cut Jonathan Martin…


Sorry Dolphins fans, but I’m done with Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito.  Done. D-O-N-E.  We’ve all been hearing about this bullying story since October and quite frankly, I’ve had enough.  It’s been an ongoing soap opera for almost 4 months now and it seems (as we thought) that it was overblown and was much to do about nothing.

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First, Martin leaves the team and claims that Incognito bullied him. Then, the racial, disgusting text messages come out from Martin’s camp.  Then, Incognito gives his side of the story and the texts seem like they were exchanged between friends. Then there’s the infamous ‘dinner’ accusation where Martin reportedly left a dinner after Incognito used a racial slur. A police chief and former Dolphins Anthony Fasano both dispute that claim.

I’ve had it. Neither should be back on the Dolphins next season.  The biggest reason I don’t want either of them back?  It’s not because of this bullying gate scandal crap…it’s because BOTH of them sucked BEFORE the bullying crap.  Incognito was coming off of a Pro Bowl season and was awful the first half of the season.  He’s about to become a free agent next month.  Dennis the Menace, please just let him walk out the door. (cont’d on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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