Dolphins should just say no to Tebow

I’m sorry Dolphins fans, I tried to avoid writing this post, but it needs to be said.  The Dolphins do not need Tim Tebow on their team.  I’ve seen a number of stories and theories floating around that Tebow would be a good pickup for the Dolphins.  These theories suggest that if Tebow were to switch positions to an H-back type role, then he would make sense for the Dolphins.  He would not only help on the field, but would also help with ticket sales.  I’m here to tell you that both of those statements are wrong, in my opinion.

Photo Courtesy of Clemed via Wikipedia

Photo Courtesy of Clemed via Wikipedia

Let me be honest for a second, I actually like Tim Tebow. I, like many people, have had enough of the circus that follows him wherever he goes including the ridiculous coverage that ESPN gives him.  The guy was very good at Florida and showed some heart in Denver, but let’s face facts, he’s a backup quarterback in the NFL at best (and that is being generous).  I wish Tim the best of luck, but I do not believe he should even be considered by the Dolphins.

First, let’s look at the on the field effects.  Tebow would not beat out any of the 3 quarterbacks on the Dolphins roster right now.  He’s not better than Tannehill, Moore, or Devlin. Period.  If he were willing to switch positions, say to fullback or H-back, he still wouldn’t have much of a shot.  I highly doubt he’ll be as good of a blocker or pass catcher as Jorvorskie Lane at fullback.  The H-back position would essentially take the place of the Dolphins tight ends.  Is he going to beat out Dustin Keller?  No.  Will he beat out Dion Sims, the recent 4th round draft pick of the Dolphins?  No.  I’m not sure if he would beat out Charles Clay or even Michael Egnew, but even if he did he’d be the 3rd tight end on the team.  (CLICK HERE, continued on page 2)

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