Dolphins show they aren’t ready for prime time with 19-14 loss to Bills

What I didn’t like

Ryan Tannehill – I love this kid and it kills me to put him in this area of the post.  However, Tannehill had 2 chances last night to take the Dolphins down the field for the game winning touchdown….and he threw interceptions on both drives.  The Dolphins are now 0-5 when he throws an interception and 4-1 when he doesn’t.  Defenses have changed the way they attack Tannehill and it’s on him and the Dolphins coaches to adapt.  On the Day, Tannehill went 14 of 28 for 141 yards, 1 TD and 2 INTs.

Dolphins Offensive Line – The Dolphins O-line has been punched in the mouth by the Titans and Bills the last 2 weeks, getting manhandled at the line of scrimmage.  They are simply not winning the physical battles up front.  It’s evident in both the passing game and running game.  The running game totaled 60 yards on 24 carries, good for a dreadful 2.5 yard per carry average.  In the passing game, I’m afraid to say that this group of disappointments is going to get Ryan Tannehill killed.  I say this group of disappointments because the Dolphins currently have 2 first round picks, 1 second round pick, 1 third round pick, and a free agent acquisition as their starting offensive line.  The team has invested too much to be getting so little from this group.

Rush Defense – While driving around this morning, I saw an Amber Alert for the Dolphins Rush Defense.  If anyone has seen them, please contact the Miami Dolphins in care of ‘Where the hell have you been?’  The Dolphins rush defense was in the top 3 in the league through the first part of the season.  Now, they seem to have trouble keeping a running back from picking up 4 yards on any given play.  The Dolphins allowed 120 yards last night on the ground and allowed CJ Spiller to rush for 91 on his own.  The key to the Dolphins success earlier this season was that they could make teams one dimensional, by suffocating the running game.  Not so much anymore, they’re getting gashed on the ground.

Rush Offense – The Dolphins were outgained 120-60 on the ground.  The domination by the Bills on the ground led to them controlling the clock for 35 minutes, a full 10 minutes more than the Dolphins.  I don’t know what’s wrong with Reggie Bush and quite honestly, I don’t care.  He needs to step it up…in a hurry.  Bush carried 10 times for 20 yards with a long run of 11.  That means on his other 9 runs he ran for 9 yards.  1 yard per carry?  ONE FREAKING YARD?  Daniel Thomas wasn’t all that much better, rushing 12 times for 33 yards.  The rush offense dreadfulness falls on the backs of the Dolphins running backs and offensive linemen. The line must do a better job of getting a push up front and the runners need to be more effective finding their lanes.

Dan Carpenter – I don’t like putting him in this section, especially because he’s been good of late.  However, you have to think that the Dolphins would’ve played the final drive a little differently if Carpenter hadn’t missed the 50 yard field goal attempt late in the 3rd quarter.  If the Dolphins only needed a field goal to win instead of a TD, they might have been able to use more of their offensive playbook instead of relying on Tannehill’s arm the whole way down the field.  Carpenter makes a lot of money and should be reliable enough to make kicks like that.

Kevin Burnett said this week that we would see what the Dolphins were made of.  If the listless play we saw on Thursday night is an indication, the Dolphins aren’t ‘made of’ many talented football players.  The Dolphins knew they needed last night’s game, yet played with no urgency, no passion, no fire.  Was it because it was cold in Buffalo?  Did the women of Buffalo distract Reggie Bush?  Who knows. All we know is that the Dolphins are 4-6 and this season is headed for the same conclusion that we’ve seen each of the last 3 years.  How does 6-10 or at best 7-9 sound?  Yup, we’ve seen this movie before, folks.

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