Dolphins show they’re NOT ready for prime time in blowout loss to Saints

It’s okay Dolphins fans…I know you’re tired because you were up late last night watching that horror show of a football game.  Actually, some of you might have been smart enough to go to bed at halftime!   I know how you feel right now because I feel that way too.  The Dolphins were 3-0 and riding high.  Then the Saints grabbed them and punched them in the face.  Repeatedly.  With a rusty hammer.  A lot.

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The Dolphins first mistake of the night was deferring after winning the coin toss.  That meant Drew Brees and the offense would take the field immediately and probably score, putting the Dolphins behind early.  What do you know?  The Saints drove the field and took a 7-0 lead before I could pry that pesky cap off of my 1st Landshark of the evening.  The Dolphins responded and drove the ball down the field.  BUT, when faced with a 3rd and an inch (literally…an inch), the Dolphins chose to run a toss to….wait for it…….Daniel Thomas.  He lost 2 yards and the Dolphins settled for a field goal.

A little later, the Dolphins were moving the ball effectively, especially on the ground with Lamar Miller.  Then around mid field, Ryan Tannehill gets pressured and takes off running.   The only problem is that he held the ball like it was covered in horse crap! Fast forward and the Dolphins are at midfield, trailing 14-10 in the first half.   Tannehill is picked off and a drive that could have put the Dolphins ahead at the half, led to a Brees to Sproles  touchdown…and a 21-10 lead.  The second half only got worse and the final score gave you an idea of how badly the Dolphins played.  They lost by 3 touchdowns, 38-17.  (continued on page 2, CLICK HERE)

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